Removing field/quack grass?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by StanleyinMD, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. StanleyinMD

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    I live in Maryland and was wondering if someone has a suggestion or two for me to remove this field/quack grass without digging, damaging the remaining lawn? Any info would greatly be appreciated. Stanley

    field grass 3.jpg

    field grass 1.jpg

    field grass 2.jpg
  2. MidnightClyde

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    I'm no pro...only a homeowner obsessed with his yard, but that almost appears to be nutsedge...not quack grass. Not really sure, though...nutsedge generally doesn't look quite that 'grassy' and lay over in my experience

    I'll let someone who does this every day confirm or tell you for sure, though. :)
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  3. RigglePLC

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    Proper identification is the first step. If it is nutsedge (has a triangular stem), that is good can treat it with Sedgehammer--and most professionals will be able to treat it for a small fee. And repeat if needed. Ask a pro to identify the grass--small business will give you the best service.
  4. StanleyinMD

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    Thanks guys for the reply. I'm not sure what it is. I'm a homeowner and have been using two lawn care companies to treat the lawn. I'm not real happy that they can't get rid of this weed. Every other weed is killed. I thought they called it quack/field grass. I don't think they really know. I'm due for a summer treatment in a week and I'll ask the applicator if he knows exactly what it is. Thank you again for your suggestions. Stanley
  5. Northernliving

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    I'm not sure if you ever solved your problem. What I have looks like the same thing in a new lawn that I put in last year. It's quack grass. The dead give away for quackgrass are the auricles that clasp the stem, so it will take seconds to ID. The only way to get rid of it is to hit it with round up. Since the quack gowns tall and fast, I've had pretty good luck mowing the lawn very short, letting the quack grow above the rest of the lawn and brushing the tops with round up. You can do this with a soaked rag on a hockey stick, or make drip system with a couple of wheels and PVC pipe. Alternatively, just spot it with round up and dye and reseed.
  6. Greenie

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    Parts of my lawn were so infested with quack grass I had to kill off large areas with round-up and start over again. One neat trick I tried was to slice in new seed in the infected area and then the same day spray the area with round up. Round up won't affect the seed, and the dying grass above it tends to act a little like straw; keeping the soil a little cooler and reducing evaporation.
    If the Quack Grass is not too thick you can treat each stalk with round up; it will take some time. Fortunately, QG grows much faster than turf and it will be easier to treat.
  7. ETM

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    I don't know if yall have talked about it but most LCO here don't include grassy weeds in there normal program. Have yall talked about this weed? if so then you should have a complaint. Most of our customers have no clue that grassy weeds are not covered under normal treatments and then find out with an extra charge to get rid of them. It's on our estimate form there will be and upcharge for grassy weeds. Now we talk about grassy weeds 1st when meeting new customers.
  8. StanleyinMD

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    Still have the issue but this year I stopped using a lawn service (unemployed right now), so this is the first thing I cut to save money. I have thie weed problem in a large area so going around to individually treat each weed is going to be a PITA. Thank you all for the suggestions/comments. Stanley
  9. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Yes definite additional charge for grassy weeds. Up north, there isn't any selective products that will take them out, either. Must spot round up or start over.
  10. StanleyinMD

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    Thank you for your reply!

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