Removing my collection system, help me..

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by rdran5, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. Okay, I was thinking if I remove my DFS collection from my 2003 Toro Z100 SFS44, I might save some time, getting tired of bagging those clippings, then just reinstall the collection system prior to leaf pickup, any comments are welcome, this is my only mower besides (2) 21 inchers, well I have an MTD Hydro lawn tractor but I don't count that one. Should I remove the collector, and if so should I go with a different blade set up? currently using Gator rators, thinking maybe Meg-mos,? Help me make a decision.
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    Screw the bagging IMO unless you're getting double or triple the amount of a normal mow.
  3. Rod, do I need to change the blade set-up, or just stay with what I have, I don't want any clumping.. Thanks
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    If you go with Gators, it's gotta be dry when you mow or else the clippings will ball up and cling together all over the lawn and it will look a mess (this is due to the fact the clippings are much smaller) and tend to stick together. Sorry, I have no experience with meg-mos other than some guys swear by them.

    I like a straight set of highlifts for the springtime. I want my mowers to cut the stuff as fast as possible and disperse it as far away as possible too. Hope that helps some...
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    Active duty Navy Chief...very cool, congrats. :)
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    Listen to Rodfather. He's steering you right.

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