Removing Vines - need advice

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Threeponys, Apr 11, 2003.

  1. Threeponys

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    Desperately need some good solid advice on this. :(

    Stopped at a business today to inquire bidding on the lawn maintenance. They are open to proposal but wanted it to include the removal of weeds on the fence. Those "weeds" are blackberry vines! Not talking a small area either. They are ALL over.

    Question: What is the best and most feasible method of removing vines like this. While burning them might be suggest, it's not an option. Also, never done this before so how would you price it out? Difficulty? Time? Per sq. foot? Flat rate? :confused:

    Bid has to be to the manager by Monday so any solid advice will be appreciated.
  2. paponte

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    Depends on how thick and accessible the base of the vines are. You could try cutting about an inch off the bottoms of them. This way they tops will die and dry out. You will be able to rip them out of the fence once they are dried.
  3. Lanelle

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    Or you could spray with Round-up and then cut them down.
  4. mdvaden

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    Round-up used to work on those vines mainly in late summer when it could get dragged into the system during fall.

    Otherwise Crossbow or something like that is better during the entire year.

    I just looked at the label of the new Round-up today. Noticed it has diquat in it. Forgot about what that stuff does.

    Maybe it will change things.

    When blackberry removal is not a crisis regarding time, I prefer to spray, let it die, let it sit for about 2/3s of a year, and then it shatters.

    You could take a 2x2 or broomstick and hit it, and it will just shatter into little pieces that can be raked up.

    If time is short, then I prefer to use gas hedge shears. It cuts the vines to shreds. Then after raking, finding the crowns of the little stumps for digging is fairly easy.
  5. Oasis360

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    I am also interested in a way to remove blackberries as a 1-time brush removal service. They grow in mounds here in the NorthWest that can get as high as 12 feet and as wide and deep as allowed to spread. I have a 16 inch Chainsaw, 18 inch Hedge Trimmer, some hand tools, and a Side Discharge Mower with a GatorBlade in it that I basically pick up, and set on top of brush or mounds of bramble. I know this is extremely unsafe so I'm looking for a better way. I have a truck and trailer to haul away most of the large sticks and swaths of debris, and can burn them on my property. The big issue is clearing this mess quickly and cost effectively - as a 1 time cleanup service... I also have a Troy Horse PTO rototiller I can use to further disturb the root systems of brush. Any Advice Helps =)

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