removing wheel / rim from an exmark ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by redmax fan, Jun 7, 2008.

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    weve an old 48" exmark with a leak that fix a flat wont fix and were gonna have it fixed at shop . for years my partners said its difficult removing wheel so we take the entire machine up to shop to have repaired . and im wondering is it that difficult or rather can i just easily / quickly remove wheel so can just take wheel up to shop ?
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    First off, regarding flats you shouldn't have to take the wheel off but I'll get to that... I would get a tire-repair kit with the plug sticks and a couple of tools, make SURE you get the one with the T-handle tools don't get the screwdriver handle ones they suck lol... Anyhow the first time or two you might have to take your time but once you figure out how to plug your own tires I don't think you'll ever take it in again (I plug all my own, cars and truck and trailer too)... It's cheap, the kit is like $10 or $15 but once you have the tools all you need is the plugs and they run like a couple of dollars for 5 or 6 of them.

    As for taking the tire off...
    I am going to assume it's like a Toro, you lift the rear of the machine with a floor jack and there should be a C-clip holding the wheel onto the axle. Do NOT do this on a grass or gravel surface, if you lose the clip and there's sometimes a washer or two so try and find a paved or cement surface to do this on... Anyhow remove the clip and now be careful with the belt and the brake system but the wheel should slide right off. You might have to unhook the belt, I don't think so but I can't remember...
    Installation is the reverse of removal but don't forget to re-grease via the zerk, also again watch that belt and brake system make sure to test it after you put it together to make sure it works right.

    Other notes: It helps to remove only one tire at a time so you have the other side to refer to in case you can't figure out how it goes back together :p

    As for removing a tire from the rim, for that you need a tire remover/installer and it's a special tool.
    But for flats just locate the leak and plug it, for small leaks you can't see spray some Windex on that tire all around and around until you see bubbles. Very rarely do I have to pull a tire off for plugging it, sometimes on a car or truck yeah but not on a mower.

    That's about it.
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    thanx a ton for your time / knowledge . happy mowing :)
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