renovate a dead lawn, root system intact

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dfor, Apr 22, 2004.

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    Today I renovated a front lawn where the grass was dead but the root system was still intact. Like a dead piece of sod. Except this WAS a well estabilshed seeded lawn. I ended up using a dethatcher as low as it would go to try to churn it up. It worked ok, but not quite deep enough. Other than using a rototiller, what other type machine could I have used?
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    When you say this "root system" is intact, are you sure it's not actual thatch? REAL thatch is a fiberous material that is much like solid paperboard or something. It is very lightweight, and hard to pull apart. It appears just as a dense pack of root system , almost like compacted humus.
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    Flail knoves on a vertical mower. If it is true thatch you will not get it with the classic "dethatcher" which does nothing more than spank the top.
    Jim (GroundKprs) is by far the expert in this field. Check his posts out on thatch. Here is one to start with;

    This is what helps seperate professionals from yard robots.

    Here is a good shot of thatch in a cross section. You can see how a power rake wouldn't do much to it.

    thatch cross section.jpg
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    Yard robots? I like that one.

    And you are right...Jim is about the most knowledgeable about thatch that I have read/seen around here.
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    This unit Yazoo/Kees makes or any good power rake with a delta knife reel installed..


    Deep core aeration also works very well...

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