Renovating lawns: fescue/crabgrass/broadleafs

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by bdoss123, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. bdoss123

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    I've got to use some selective herbicides on a lawn that's got both crabgrass and broadleaf infestation. The yard has had ZERO maintence outside of mowing for the past five years, and we want to aerate/slitseed instead of wiping the whole lawn out if possible.

    Can msma be applied in conjunction with a broadleaf control at the same time?

    - BD
  2. FINN

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    Check with your state dept for pesticide liscensing. They have a lot of helpful information relative to pesticide applications.
  3. gardenkeeper88

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    I have not done it for a few years but I did do it with sucess. WORD of CAUTION: 1. read the label make sure it is ok
    2. I mixed Trimec w/ MSMA BUT i had to fill my tank and then put each one in seperatly. the first time I tried it I was about 23 and I took my measurerer and added the proper amounts of each and went to pour them into the tank and before I got them into the tank they reacted and solidified. I couldn't believe it.
    Remember for crabgrass control MSMA works on young crabgrass. when it stars to lay flat it will take more treatments about a week apart. Also MSMA is like most herbicides and don't spray above 85 degrees. I have also seen MSMA injure ky. blgrass after they drove over the area they had just sprayed, (Everything under the tire marks died) don't remember all the conditions sorry. Good luck
  4. befnme

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    msma can only be used on select lawns w/out killing everything.
  5. bdoss123

    bdoss123 LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the info so far. What would be a better solutiong for the crabgrass than the msma? Should I go with the broadleaf, then do my fert/aeration/slitseeding, then try to tackle remaining weeds with a pre-m ?

    Fyi, this is for my rental house's yard not a customer. I do however want to pursue a fert license in the next year or two.

  6. ThreeWide

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    You can spray MSMA up to 2 weeks prior to seeding. MSMA can be hard on tuf but that does not matter much since you are planning to seed the Fescue. It is labeled for use on Tall Fescue anyway.

    However, the intervals on broadleaf herbs like Trimec are sometimes 4 weeks. You can mix these two together with no problem, but be aware of the times to wait before seeding.

    Speedzone is a good choice here because it knocks out broadleafs and has a very short residual, meaning you can seed 2 weeks after applying.
  7. Harley-D

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    I can't believe nobody on here has suggested drive. Great on crabgrass this time of year. In va anyway. And on selected broadleafs. Also, and this is the awesome part, you can seed right after you spray. Go ahead, read the label. Costs around 100 per acre.
    Good stuff.:weightlifter:
  8. ThreeWide

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    Drive would be good in a situation where someone did not plan ahead. You pay for not planning ahead :)

    In this case, someone with a few weeks of planning has the option of using cheaper herbicides.

    I would also use Drive if this was high profile turf and the discoloring of MSMA could not be tolerated.
  9. bdoss123

    bdoss123 LawnSite Member
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    Where can drive be purchased? I am not sold on it yet (at that price, lol). I will however check into it. The turf is my own, so temporary discoloration wouldn't kill me, as long as it truly is termporary.

    Thanks again guys,
  10. Harley-D

    Harley-D LawnSite Senior Member
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    Good thought and i agree.
    Only thing i have to add is calculate your per/k ft. price vs. msma. msma is cheaper but you may have to apply it twice.
    Though, its that way with drive sometimes too.
    I've had success with it so maybe worth a try.

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