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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Martin Lawn, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. Martin Lawn

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    Got a call a couple days ago from a realtor who a friend referred to me. She wanted to get a bid for the renovation of a home she's selling, it's a nice place just neglected. Majority of it's pretty straight forward with the weeding of flowerbeds and relocating some drain tile and removing a few small trees. But then there are the vines on the front of the house and I beleive the word overgrown is a understatement.

    Now the realtor would like these removed which shouldn't be a problem as I gave a few a good pull and they will come down fairly easy but she also wants me to put in the bid how much I will charge her to clean the residue left from them, and by this I mean the sap like dots that are stuck to the paint. I chipped at some of it with my fingernail and I'm not sure it can be removed by any other means than sanding it down and repainting.

    Does anyone have any experience with removing the residue left over from these vines on wood and vinyl siding and how to remove it? Also this realtor would like a itemized list of the charges, I've never done it before and don't see a need for it, does anyone here do itemized estimates as I'm assuming the only reason she wants it is to haggle over the prices.
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    a job for a painter or handyman !!! you will spend a lot of time getting that off, you could try a pressure washer if you do that kinda stuff
  3. Team-Green L&L

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    The sap should come off pretty easily with a pressure washer like mentioned above. I would either use a hot water pressure washer or a good cleaning solvent in a normal washer.
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    If its vinyl siding or brick/stone, pressure wash it as mentioned above. If its wood siding, decline the job or plan on repainting. That stuff doesn't come off easy.

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