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Since it is that time of year...time to start sharing strategies to make up ground for a slow year during what should be the most profitable 6-8 weeks of the year.

Is power seeding / renovation your most profitable service? It should be.

It power seeding / renovation your best form of advertising in order to get new high-end customers who want quality work? It should be.

Sept - Oct is the best time of the year to make huge improvements in a very short period of time on a lawn.

What is your strategy for landing $400k - $600k of work in just 8 weeks plus 50-100 new customers due to results. We have lots of customers who do this every year with just 1 or 2 of our Turf Revitalizers, but they have a plan going into the fall seeding season. They just don't wait for customers to ask.

Advertising in Aug is the key....what do you do.
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