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    How many of you on here specialize in renovation... How much of your work is dedicated to renovation? What do you use equipment wise? What seeds have you had the best results with?
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    Lawncare is perpetual renovation. Neglect requires a major disruptive renovation.
    Is that what you mean? Fixing up a neglected lawn?

    If the soil is totally whacked, in need of serious amount of ammendments, then add the ammendments and stil it all in - reseed or sod.

    Minimal ammendments - just rake them into the surface with the overseed. Aerate first if you think there is a compaction issue.
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    We consider ourselves and promote ourselves as seeding specialits (see on our website under seeding).

    We are the only ones in the area that I know of that are equipped to do seeding and especially larger areas.

    About 25-30% of my annual sales is from seeding and renovations!

    I use a JD3520 with a Landpride OS1548 seeder and also Kubota B3030 with a 60" Harley Rake as needed.

    Do alot of new seedings...but renovation and slice seeding is also a big part!

    Last two years I have had my seeder of about 50 acres of lawns.

    I would rather seed then do anything!

    TTTF is awesome here. Pretty much use a 90-10 with blue or an 80-20 with blue and/or rye!
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    was wondering how you charge for renovations as well as new seeding. per acre, time and material? thanks
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    It all is dependent on what you want to do and how you want to do it. We do renovations on smaller yards and sub out to a company that has the equipment to do large properties. Last year he charged $1700 an acre for fescue/KBG mix and guaranteed results. Most of the time people will charge a wide range of prices based on steps and cost. We do one step above everybody else in that we will mow, aerate 2 directions, fert, and seed at 4lbs per K and charge $40 a K with a $100 minimum. Now we will go less if there are several people on the street to do at same time.
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    If you are doing a complete renovation, by the acre..

    You need consider your expertise in guarateeing the client a shot at success, with the equipment and manpower investing the TIME.

    I see lots of clowns , bringing on the equipment , having manpower , investing the time with nothing to show for it , but, dismal failure.

    Remember to only charge for what you can offer. Cover your expenses and a profit comensurate with your experience.

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