Rental Attachments for skid steers

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    SCAPEASAURUSREX LawnSite Senior Member
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    two questions... I was looking to rent a hydraulic attachment, and was wondering , What if the machine it was on previously was not taken care of and the oil is all nasty and dirty.. How can you protect your machine ????

    Next... I was looking to rent a backhoe attachment for an LS160 and my dealer now tell s me they dont have one in the rental fleet that will fit this machine.. None of the other rental places have them , Only have a mini excavator.. or want to sell me the unit, I dont want or need it , just want to rent for a week , Any other places in NJ that anyone knows of that might rent such an attachment. ???? Thanks
  2. General Grounds

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    :blob3: scape good ? about the rental equipt. gonna ask my dealer tom. when i need rental equipt for my skid i go to Foley rents (caterpillar), there's one by me in hightstown and there's one in piscataway. Cat attachments are very well made and are very tough.

    Ps. how do you like that New Holland? i bought a Cat last year and love it. Tony
  3. rick_reno

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    Does your skid steer have hydraulic filters? You could clean them and change the oil - it's not a big job on my Bobcat to do that.

    SCAPEASAURUSREX LawnSite Senior Member
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    Tony..... Yeah .. I checked out the Cat machines, and they are beautiful.... The maint is easy , everything is set up nicely.. they are comfortable and reliable too from what I have heard.. I went to Foley in Piscataway not too long ago , what a shop they have, But they are like and hour and a half from me.. I like the New Holland , the closest dealer to me, So for parts and service thought that was the way to go , plus its very comfortalble to operate, nice long wheel base.... And alot more affordable than comprable Bobcat or Cat machines..

    Rick.... Good question, Not sure about the filters I would assume so ?? I 'll have to really check the machine out, have not had to really do anything to it yet other than lube points...
  5. General Grounds

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    :blob3: chris, i looked at the new holland and thought it was alright. i think you could'nt ask for a better dealer than foley they will drop what they are doin and either bring you another machine or fix it on the spot, they are awesome. they even flew me and 2 friends to north carolina to the skid steer factory, wow what a sight skid steers for as far as you can see. im real happy i decided to go with cat, almost bought bobcat until i spoke to the cat dealer and than demoed the machine, friend of mine has the smallest new holland and has had alot of problems with it, the dealer could give a rats ass about it also. tony
  6. Henry

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    Chris , why not rent the excavator? It would probably save you a lot of time. Skid steers are great but for digging I think a mini-x is the way to go. Much easier to manuever than a skid with hoe attachment.

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    you go GENERAL GROUND.... I have a CAT skid steer and I think that the machine is awesome and so is the CAT support you get when you buy a CAT. Almost bought a Bobcat but the salesman was shady and I figured if Bobcat had someone like that on there side then I didnt want anything to do with them. Try a CAT you wont be sorry. They are just backed by the best name in the heavy equipment industry.:blob3:
  8. Guido

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    Not that big a deal. Its not much fluid as compared to what you store in your machine once it gets mixed up. Worst case, thats what you have filters for.
  9. little green guy

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    Where do you usually rent from? I use All County in Morristown because there only like 10 min away but Fusco's also has alot of stuff.

    SCAPEASAURUSREX LawnSite Senior Member
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    There are a few places I go to depending on what I need , but my new holland dealer rents attachments , so does the local bobcat dealership, United Rentals, and some local small places...

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