Rental company needs advice on Skid Steer purchases

Discussion in 'Rental Equipment' started by J2Rentals, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. J2Rentals

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    That is very true, if you look on cats site it is advertising the 50 percent roc instead of the 35, thank you for pointing that out. The specs on the t190 make it look like the perfect machine but after reading all the posts on this site for the last few weeks no one seems to like the t190. Any thoughts on the new holland tracked machines? Maybe the c175, it is only 7500 lbs with a 2200lbs roc?
  2. stuvecorp

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    If TK is out check the Case skids/CTL's.
  3. J2Rentals

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    The case dealers up here are all one company and have a terrible reputation, I will look but I need good service from a dealership for warranty. I will try and find another Tk dealer.
  4. stuvecorp

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    Do the Case dealers own the ag Case dealerships? I have bought two of my last machines from ag dealers but go to the construction dealer for service. That may be an option for you.

    I prefer Case but the NH's are basically the same so that can be a good option too.
  5. minimax

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    In a under 8000 lb CTL you could look at a deere ct315,a very simple machine and should be petty tough for a rental machine.They also make wheeled ones the same size.I would keep what ever brand machines you get bare bones so there is less stuff to break,and easier to learn.A deere 323d CTL is a great machine to but is 8550 lbs.I also think I would stay with a radial lift type machine.

  6. westcoh

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    I'd vote for Bobcat. The Bobcat dealership here has some T300's they rent out with over 3,000 hours on them and going strong. I've had very little trouble with mine, and my older machine has over 4,000 hours on it now.

    Personally I wouldn't rent a cat skid-steer, unless it was a last resort, simply because I have no experience running the Cat pattern joysticks.
  7. ksss

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    CAT is a poor choice to rent. This is why. The smaller pilot machines are ISO only so you are limiting who will run the machine. Your also going to compete against CAT Rental for those that do want to rent a CAT. Reality is most that rent could really care less what color the machine is. I personally cant stand their smaller machines. Completely worthless for getting anything done. Sorry Ron I dont see this one. That is all my personal choice which means nothing. I really dont think you want to compete against CAT rental. Offer something else at a better price.

    Bobcat while i am not a fan offers pretty killer deals for rental houses. You also have the ability to electronically change control patterns. You also can have foot operated machines that switch to hand operated. Pretty important options for a rental outfit. Most people that dont know any better still want to rent a "Bobcat" I am not knocking BC fans only saying that BC's name recognition still carries a lot of water among those that rent.

    Models to rent
    S175-seems to be the most common BC rental machine. Its cheap, not enough power to get out of its own way, which means dumbasss has a harder time wrecking it.

    205-much as above just more capacity

    CTL-I would rent the T-180 same as above.

    CNH: you apparantly dont like Hammer Equipment which is who I think your refering to. There are few dealers in North America that sell more machines than Hammer, Titan would be the only one that I can think of that might sell more. I met numerous Hammer sales people in AZ last year. I think an honest sit down with one could put some of your worries to rest. These guys are by themselves selling hundreds of machines a piece. I was blown away by the numbers they were throwing out. You dont do that by shitting on people. However when your moving the amount of equipment they do, someone is not going to be happy. I would investigate this more . OK enough about Hammer. CASE allows you to run hand/foot and E/H controls that can switch patterns (but not in the same machine). That like BC is a big thing for renters. All of this also applies to NH since they are much the same except CASE offers more radial lift and NH more vertical machines. I dont know what CASE offers rental houses for deals.

    SSL I would rent the 185, nice machines. I would get one in hand/foot the other in E/H.

    CTL -I would go with the TR 270. This is in my opinion, an excellent smaller tracked machine.

    Deere I am not sure about how they spec or offer their machines.

    I would avoid a CTL unless you really think you need one to rent. IF you decide you need to offer one, I would certainly write a rental agreement that protects you from the dumbasss that destroys the tracks.

    Good luck.
  8. alco

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    Pretty much anybody moves more than Hammer does these days. Hammer is no more, having been taken over by Hiway Service. I've been told by many that Hiway Service, is more like Hiway robbery.

    I also think that the Hammer folks may have been feeding you some tall tales. If they moved so many machines, where are they all? You don't really see too many Case machines out around the areas Hammer serviced. There are a few, certainly, but not the hundreds of machines per salesman you suggest.
  9. ksss

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    That could be. However their CASE reps were there as well and were not denying the claims. I assumed it to be true, but I dont live there to know any better. Regardless if I am going to start a rental house, I am going to talk to everyone that sells machines, including Hiway you dont know what the offer is until you talk to them. I think the machines are quality, that alone can keep your machines renting.
  10. zabmasonry

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    Brand qualities aside, I'd base my ENTIRE decision on what brand has the best service available. For a rental company downtime is VERY expensive. For O/O like most on this site, downtime is an inconvenience and a drag to productivity for a rental outfit downtime means directly lost income, and likely paying out additionally to "make it right" you easily end up losing twice what the machine brings in, IE when the machine breaks down on the job it stays there to fulfill that rental contract, you don't get paid for the extra time, then you have to forfeit the next rental because the machine is already in use.

    I'd look for a dealer who keeps a large part inventory and works on a lot of these machines. They should be reputable, and from the start recognize on their own cognizance that keeping your machine's downtime at a minimum is a must. Even better if they can get a loaner out to your while your machine is down.

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