Rental company needs advice on Skid Steer purchases

Discussion in 'Rental Equipment' started by J2Rentals, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. J2Rentals

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    You are correct that the case dealer is hammer equipment / hi-way service and I will NOT buy from them. The are called Hi-way robbery up here for a reason.

    The Bobcat place seems to have a decent service dept / parts inventory and is nice and close, the sales guy also seems very eager to earn my business.

    The Cat dealer is about a 30-40 minute drive and is a huge location - but I know thier priority would be the large equipment and the highway trucks when it comes to getting in thier shop.

    The Deere dealership is close, fairly big, and is guaranteeing me a loaner unit when needed (so far they are the only one to guarantee me a loaner unit) I also know some people who have bought from them and are happy with the service. I am just not 100% sold on thier machines.

    The New Holland dealer is about the same drive as Cat. The only reason they are in the running is because of the dealership staff. The General Manager is excellent, the sales guy is fantastic, parts and service seems good, and I feel I would get excellent service from them.

    The Bobcat guys seem to be giving the best prices on the units and the best lease rates. I just cant seem to find very many people with anything good to say about bobcat. I keep hearing they are under powered and VERY high maintenance - as said above down time kills rental companies. I agree that the brand recognition is probably the best with Bobcat.

    Can not find a TK dealer anywhere up here so that is out.
  2. ksss

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    It is difficult for an Owner to put aside that which is important to his operation and discuss whats important for a rental house. They are certainly not the same. However assuming all those still in the running are on mostly on equal grounds as far as preference, Spend a day on each of the machines (sounds like Deere, BC and NH.). Chances are if you like running them so will your customers. The BC lower end machines are in my view really underpowered. They are also loud and really to me not that attractive to run. The larger more pimped out models are much better but I dont think you can make those machines pencil out in a rental. I am not sure about dependability of BC's smaller machines.

    I would also look at ease of serviceability as a consideration.
  3. bobcat_ron

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    I wouldn't even consider any vertical path loader for a rental unit, Cat and Bobcat are the only ones I would trust, New Holland and Deere, I dunno.
  4. zabmasonry

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    Aren't NH's the same as Powertan only with a different paint scheme. I know that NH's smaller excavators are identical to the Case and Kobelco models.

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    here is another thought

    look at the outside of the machine how much plastic is surrounding the machine.
    just saw a new holland machine and the back is all plastic.

    u want a machine u can roll over and can still work.

    i would not get any track machine as the maint is alot to keep them going.
  6. J2Rentals

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    I was at the cat dealership for a few hours today.
    I really like the 226b wheel machine so I ran it for a while in the yard and even though the specs say different it was stronger in the dirt then the bobcat s185. I really like it.

    Then I ran the 247b in the dirt and really liked it too but the salesman was saying for rentals it would be a bad choice because of the running gear.
    So then I ran a 259b for a while, it is a much heavier machine with all steel undercarriage. I though it was ok, it had lots of power, it just rode a lot rougher and felt like a very heavy machine when operating.

    They are also giving me a good lease rate (not amazing but good) and are willing to give me a replacement machine during bigger warranty repairs.

    Now just to run the new holland's next week and I should be able to make a decision, but at this point unless the new holland's drive like a dream or come through with a fantastic price I think I am going to buy Cat.

    At this point Cat is my top choice right now and likely what I am going to buy.
  7. J2Rentals

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    The new holland and case are almost the same machines, a few small differences, but very similar.

    I realize the track machines are a lot more to buy, maintain, and repair but there is such a strong demand for them right now and they do get a much higher rental rate. That is why I am trying to be careful on this purchasing and figure out who has the better built ctl undercarriage.

    The other side to the coin is I will be using them a lot personally and for what I need a tracked machine would be a lot better.
  8. alco

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    Do yourself a favour, before you make a decision, go to Brandt, and try out a Deere D series. Just give one a try, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  9. ioilyouin

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    Who are you renting to? Contractors or homeowners?
  10. J2Rentals

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    Both, that is until I find out what the market demand is. I would prefer commercial because it is nice dealing with people who know what they are doing as well as long term rentals. But at the start I will take any business I can.

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