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Discussion in 'Rental Equipment' started by johntyler, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. johntyler

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    Hey we are just starting to look into expanding our business and offering a complete rental equipment center. Anyone familiar with this type of business? We see great opportunity and of course lot's of risk. We are in New England so winter can be a tough time so choosing the right product mix would be crtical.

    Any thoughts on were to research this type of business.
  2. birdman0494

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    go to your local lowes that has a sunbelt rental thing. if i remember me and my grandfather rented a sod cutter and they rrequiered credit card and license
  3. loyd meeks

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    One of my closest friends has a full service rental business and sales. They rent everything from carpet cleaners to dozers, lifts,tractors along with all kinds lawn equipment. They also sell at least 4 brands of lawn zt'rs, Now they carry Hustler, Dixie Chopper, X Mark and another lower end homeowner brand. The recently started selling side x side's, cycles and scooters. Your right it is a lot of work but he does very well.
  4. ashelton

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    Insurance is going to cost you a FORTUNE for a rental business.

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