rentals- how do you find the REAL owner?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by jsf343, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. jsf343

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    I have a rental with a family of gypsies that stopped paying their bill, we of course stopped service. Long story short I confronted him politely to try and recover my money. He told me he wasn't going to pay me @#!$ and I could turn him into collections if I wanted he could care less. Well I did and still have not been paid. I would like to find the REAL owner of the rental and try and enlist his help. Will it help? I doubt it but I do not want the basta-- to get away with it, know what I mean? Yes I know you all do because we have all dealt with these idiots. My question is how do you get in touch with the real owner? what else short of s. claims court can be done?


  2. okeefl

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    If the county in which the home is has a website you can look it up there (Property Appraiser Section) if not the courthouse would have it on file in the same section.
  3. jsf343

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    good idea, thanks!
  4. GreenN'Clean

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    So you want to contact the real owners to try to get them to pay the bill for the occupants they rented to? If so then good luck unless the owner was the one that signed your service agreement to cut the lawn. The one responsible for the bill is the person who signed the agreement assuming that you had someone sign for lawn service because if you didn't then its your word against theres and without something written then I would count it as a loss and learn from it. Make sure to always get a signature on your agreements!!!
  5. jsf343

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    no, no, no, no! I am just wanting to see if he can talk some sense into him.
    Not go after the owner. I already have chalked it up as a loss, it is $270.00 and though I hate loosing it, it is more about trying to teach the gypsie a lesson (which I know will not happen) he has done this to other landscappers (found out after the fact) and I just don't want him to get away with it again.
  6. Runner

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    You'd be surprised. there are others on here whom have done this only to be surprised by the owners support. In one story I recall, the owner was evicting the bunch anyway (apparently other bills weren't being paid, either). Anyway, the landlord withheld some money from the deposit and gave it to the lawn guy. I'm not sure, but if I recall right...they started a business relationship along with this.
  7. GreenN'Clean

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    Ok well good luck and let us know if you ever get in touch with the owner and what the outcome is
  8. jsf343

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    Thanks, If it amounts to anything I will.
  9. topsites

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    One tactic I used to practice is go out there with a camera and start snapping a slew of pictures.
    Basically it doesn't matter if they turn out or not, you're doing it for the show, making it look as IF you might do something about it.

    Other than the fact that it took a lot out of me and I don't do this anymore, I used to get PAID via that silly method.
    It worked better than the collection agency, a LOT better.
    I just can't do it anymore, it takes a lot of nerve.
    But in your case, I think you might have it in you, idk...
    Not trying to be smart, just an idea.
    And good luck, regardless of what you decide.
  10. ed2hess

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    If you had any rental property and did credit checks you would quickly realize you shouldn't do work for rental people unless it is cash prior to mowing. Every one of the checks I have done in the last years showed major major problem in people credit. And the cable guy and gas and electrical company comes before you....write it off...lesson learned.

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