Renter left and she did not pay


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I have had this customer for 5 years and always paid in time. She left rental house due to corna virus. She lost her business and had to file bankruptcy . She owes me for 2 months for a total of $220. I have not received payment. How do I get payment now ?
As long as she was a good customer she will probably even up when she’s back on her feet. Otherwise I’d just write it off as a 2020 dud.

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If she filed bankruptcy you need to be listed as a debtor on the filing and get in line for any $$$. Keep sending invoices to her address, in an effort to see if she actually filed. You probably won't see much if anything since she probably doesn't have much for assets and was renting her house. Try an find the owner of the property, you probably don't have any recourse against him but he may want to resolve your issue since it involves his property.


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You could hire an attorney to represent you in the bankruptcy proceedings. From what you say -- she lost her business, did not have enough money to pay her rent -- on a $220 debt your share of whatever assets might be available to be divided between the unsecured creditors would probably be around $0.22.

I'd say you are lucky that it is only two months' of mowing that was unpaid. Lots of people have lost their jobs and are losing their homes due to covid.

As Mac-s said, you might be able to get some payment from the property owner. You might check local laws regarding liens for services performed that benefit the property.

Bottom line, though, is to chase $220 would cost more in dollars and time than it is worth.


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If there's a bankruptcy, good luck. We had renters. just left in the middle of the night really. we didn't live in the area, 2.5 hours away. anyway, a friend said he though the door was wide open, it was end of November and at night. Stopped and shut it, and didn't think anybody was there anymore. Didn't want to snoop around so went back in the morning. they were gone.

7K in damages inside from them, 2K of rent not paid and we caught up with them almost 2 years later we found where they were. Sued them. Knew it was going nowhere, but it was 100 bucks and I took a day off just to see the POS again.

Right after we found them and filed suit, apparently 3 other landlords were looking for them too. They just filed bankruptcy. all SOL. I'm sure they're still doing it. gamers know how to game.

Not saying this is your client at all, it's not. Just saying I wouldn't expect anything and wouldn't spend any time chasing it. If the deadbeats don't get held to anything, someone truly in down times isn't going to either.

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