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    I had a one lady for 14yrs that was a rented. She just moved this summer. Simple lawn, paid good and on time.
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    Sign up with American Profit Recovery collections and they can do a skip trace and find out where they moved. Add GPS so they can't say "you never came"
  3. Tell us more! Is there a fee to sign up? And what's this about adding GPS? Add GPS to my phone so it keeps a history of my movements? Or what?
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    Most of my work comes from Landlords / investors / renters. These are people I have good relationships with before I start cutting their lawns. Having just started this season, I don't have as much experience as the rest of you, but it seems to me that if you don't service anyone that's past due, you only get stiffed for one or 2 cuts. I would only do monthly billing for owners, especially if you're cutting weekly. You may have redress against the homowner, even if it's the renter that you contracted with by filing a mechanic's lien against the property. I may change my tune as I grow...
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    You'll change. It seems every customer has a different payment method.
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    As of last six months EVERYBODY is prepay. I tell people up front your 100 dollars or whatever amount is not worth my freedom, business or family. Prepay ensures you will enjoy uninterrupted service all month. Any extra servicesare billed and due at time of service. I stopped chasing money and my stress level is way down. Wooooossssaahhhhh!
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    We had a renter try and stiff us once. We got the home owners name and address off of county tax records website. Called owner and told them what their renter owed us. And said if we did not get paid we would place a lien on the property. Land owner paid and took the money out of renters security deposit. No one wants's a lien on their property. Contractors in Wisconsin can do this for work performed. Not real hard to do.

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