renting a 20 ft truck, Opinions???

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by swing blade, Nov 10, 2003.

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    Hi everyone,

    I wanted to know what you thought of the following:

    I have been in the landscape biz for a while now working for other companies and doing work for myself as well. I have a customer who I know very well and he wants a large amount of landscaping done at his house. The issue is that the house is about an hour to 1 1/2 hours away. Its not really that far, but there is no direct way to get thre so I have to actually drive away from his home before I can turn back and go towards it. I have a large amount of plant material that I am planning on installing and I would rather not have it be beaten up by all of the wind while in route. I am looking at renting a 20' truck from Penske to use to haul the materials to his home. I am also hauling up several bags of mulch as well as a couple of statues and materials for a patio and fountian. I wanted to know if any of you thought that this idea would still look professional. I would rather drive up in a company truck with lettering and a logo on it, but I do not have the trailer that I need to haul the material. And I do NOT want to use a U-Haul truck as they always look beat up and cheap. I am just trying to keep that neat, professional appearence, and i wanted to get your opinions about renting something like this.


    Swing blade
  2. lawnmowermannh

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    I think there is nothing wrong in renting equipment you don't have. As professional image is important, so is protecting those plants. With that said I think your customer will greatly appreaciate you in protecting his plants.
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    I dont think that is unprofessional at all. I have done it many tmes. In fact we were usuing one so much that I ended up buying the Penske van that we were renting all the time. We ripped off the penske logo but didint paint it or anything. Still bright yellow. Nobody cares. We use it so much. We also built up the underlying frame and had a ramp system built. And somtimes we transport my compact tractor in it. Best six grand I ever spent.... I dont think it looks unprofessional at all though. One tip of advice is to lay something on the floor when you rent it though. Tarp or something. Cause the first time we rented one the chewed us out cause we didnt clean the floor good enough. Lots easier if you put a tarp underneath the plants.
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    thanks for the advice. I am definately going to rent it, and I agree with both of you, It will show the customer that we care about the quality of his plants and I think the tarp is a great idea. Thanks again

    Milo aka swing blade
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    Just a thought
    If you are buying all the materials or just a large # of plants I know my supplier would deliever free and would haul some bags of mulch if I dropped them off.

  6. Rustic Goat

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    Have you calculated in the expenses of rental equipment and time to and from job site on this project?

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