Renting a hydroseeder in CT

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by 2004F550, May 15, 2006.

  1. 2004F550

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    My fire company just built a new firehouse and we need to landscape....we have got two MTL 's from bobcat of CT for free (know ppl) and rockrakes to prepare it but we decided we would like to use a hydroseeder because of the slopes...we contacted United Rentals and they have a 300 gallon model...they will charge us the one day rate for memorial day weekend....we can't afford to hire the local LCO with his so this seems the best questions are for those that know......where do we buy the mulch? what else do we it need? what things to look out for when hydroseedering for techniques? assuming its a jet since its a small model but I don't know...any help would be appreicated....wish we had the money to pay the guy who has the right machine etc but no $$ left ...thanks for the help
  2. CutRight

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    you should be able to pick up everything you need at the Lesco in Avon. That one should be closest to you i believe. They're only wholesale, no retail, but with you're fire department I'm sure you can get in. Don't bother trying to use the Lesco website its useless, just get directions and take a trip down there.
  3. scagwildcat

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    i dont deal in hydro seeding, but i think that agway/ blue seal in torr. might have the products you need....
  4. 2004F550

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    thanks guys..i have an account with agway..ill have to check it out...i know where lesco is too, never thought of that....ill check it out too
  5. rklawnmowing

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    my dad does hydroseeding, and your gonna want tachdefier, not sure if thats the right spelling but its a white powdered stuff that holds everything onto hills so it doesn't get washed out, and you need about 1 bail of mulch for 300gallon tank, my dads is 500 gallons, put starter fertalizer in the tank when mixing it, let it mix for at least 5-10 mins before using it, get the recycled newspaper for mulch its the best. i think 1 50lb bag of seed to a tank should do it. oh soak the seed in water the night before your gonna spray. the hydroseed should be dark green when your spraying it, and break up the much bails really good. if you have the hose, your gonna want two people one guy to spray and another to move the hose out of that guys way. oh don't worry about the prep job too much, my dad has grass growing in the bed of his truck in 1cm of dirt on a piece of wood, and he has grass growing on the hydroseeder trailer too, and theres even some in his truck, that stuff will grow on anything.
  6. Mike33

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    I own a hydro seeder and i am a vol. firefighter. I know where you are coming from when it comes to money. There are 2 ways to hydro seed, the 1 step method everthing is mixed in tank and applied at 1 time grass seed, lime, fertlizer, mulch, tac, and growth stimulant. the other way is 2 step apply everything except mulch by hand blow straw then use paper mulch and tac thru seeder to hold down straw. I use 1 step method but i use 70-30 wood blend much and you need a mechanical machine to due this effective jets will not pup a thick slurry. Paper mulch is not as good due to it can leave a hard crust and hamper germination. The wood blend works well and can hold the moisture better. I only reccm. paper to hold down straw. I apply 8-10 lb. of seed per k- 8 lbs starter fertlizer, 5lb. of profile neutra lime, 50lb. wood blend much , and 1 lb. of tac all per 1000 sq'. Check out my web site call me for any further information. Try searching profile products they will lists dealers and can ship to you.
  7. CAG

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    if i were you i would put the lawn in by hand.. use the erosion blankets if the hills are big or go a little heavier on the straw. the reason i say this if you never used a hydro seeder before the first time u spray you probably wont have great results..
  8. CutRight

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    i somewhat agree with CAG. Lesco also sells the erosion sheets for growing grass on slopes. i have no idea what the prices are, although i do have the catalouge sitting out in my truck. but its dark and cold outside. You may end up cheaper in the long run just buying a few bags of seed, a few rolls of the erosion fabric and doing it by hand. but its up to you.
  9. 2004F550

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    yea i have some hay mat from others jobs to use, were gonna need it for sure...i suggested we just use my brillion seeder but they are set on the hydroseeding so we'll see how it goes...thanks for the help guys
  10. Planet Landscaping

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    Any questions you can call my cell @ 206-3896, I am the Vice President Of the Hydroseeder association with many years of experience.:weightlifter: Lesco would be a good bet for all supplies.:usflag:

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