Renting a Topdress spreader and Compost ?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by DA Quality Lawn & YS, Aug 1, 2013.

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    This is a reach but I will throw it out there. I have a few lawns that are in dire need of a compost topdress early this fall. Peaked grass that I cannot get to respond with slow release N. I know that the soil is pretty void of organic material, as it is a new development with the typical fill for soil.

    At any rate, I am in need of renting a Topdress machine. Does anyone in Minnesota rent those out at all? Also, would need a supply of clean weed free compost as well. I could use the material from our county compost site, but it does have some weed seed in it so I think I will avoid. Possibly looking for bagged material and yes, I know, I would need a ton of bags to cover a lawn.

    Any help?
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    DA Quality Lawns,

    Weeds can sneak in when you have large bare spots before the grass germinates. Not to shouldn't have many and usually they are very easy to pull.

    I tell all my customers you will get some weeds....but they are easy to remove....but in the end....they want to see results.

    So take those pictures "Before" and then "After" the customer can see improvement. This can tell them their yard is improving and heading in the right direction!
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    I emailed turfco about anybody with a rental or demo one for a day. Haven't heard back from hoffman though.

    Relatively you don't live far from me (less than 2 hrs). If I were to purchase one how much would you being willing to pay for rental? Weeks time?

    Also I'm trying to find a compost supply also but its hard to find something decent. Been told 75% compost 25% peat moss is good for the sandy soils around my parts with sandy soil.

    Pm me on the rental info.
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    Pretty much every golf course has at least one Meter-Matic around. Maybe you could swing a deal with a superintendent. Lawns would probably need to be 1/2 acre minimum for it to make sense.

    They are very difficult to trailer. I pull mine very slowly behind truck from place to place. Just keep it greased. I never need to move mine more than 10 miles and only a few times a year. If you are having bulk material delivered you would be better off with a small tractor and loader. I use one to load topdresser and a smaller (12HP) to pull it on grass. Does an incredible job. Jobs I do are 20/50 cubic yards.
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    DA, look for a dairy farm in your area with a methane digester. The solids from the digester are the best compost you can find. If the lawns are small enough just use a wheelbarrow and shovels and throw it on the lawn. Then use a section of chain link fence to level it out. You will want to aerate first if you can.
  6. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Hadn't thought of that, thanks.
  7. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Bump looking for a turfco, Ecolawn, or earth and turf self propelled machine to use on a few lawns.
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    When I bought my Earth & Turf 100sp I only had a few lawns sold on top dressing. Once I made the investment and documented the results, I was able to gain enough accounts on this service that the machine paid for itself the next fall.
  9. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Bite the bullet basically? Which of the 3 brands handles compost with moisture content better?
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    I like and use the Ecolawn model 200. It has two discharge wheels and spreads heavier (more moisture) better with the two wheels.

    I've spread have spread compost when a surprise rain came out of no where. The Ecolawn could still spread, just not as far if the organic compost was dry. But long story short, did a very good job.

    The Ecolawn has plastic sides so its easy to clean and brush heavy/stuck areas of compost from moisture.

    And I was also surprised at how many people wanted me to spread organic compost....still doing customers from the Spring. The weather plays a big part, if it usually will want to wait a few days before you spread...otherwise you will become a muddy mess. Just explain it to the customer....and if they can't understand, then you don't want them because they might be more of a hassle then what they are worth.

    I will post a few new pictures tomorrow of my work and new set up. And I can say I'm glad I went with Ecolawn so far!!!

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