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renting and charging

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If a custumer asks me to do an extra and i dont have the piece of equimptment and have to rent it do i charge the cust? Shouldnt i already have it if i told them i could do it?
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Rental goes into the cost, but it is NOT itemized as that That is just ludicrous. As far as the example of the 5M lawn at $15 per M to do, that is just sort of an example where it wouldn't be worth doing. This is why we have minimums. I just did a job where we dug around 60 postholes for splitrail fence sections. The rental for the posthole digger was $45. (special rate for the weekend). However, this was no way put on the bill as "rental". Another thing to consider, especially when doing aerations. You DO NOT rent an aerator for one 5000 ft. job. Go out, and sell a bunch of aerations, first. Then, when you have them ALL lined up, you will not only have a betteridea of how long to rent the machine for, but you will have a whole bunch of 'em lined up to divide the rental into. Leave margin, because if you do this like on a Saturday (best day), you can pick up more and make fast money that was not expected at the time. People eat this stuff up, and when Mr. Johnson see Mr. Jones getting HIS done, Mr. Johnson will want his done as well. That is why Saturdays are great to do these add-ons.
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1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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