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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Jeremy1592, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. Jeremy1592

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    No one is sure what the going rate around here is. Most folks don't wanna spend money on irrigation so they have a system installed at construction and then get into the situation we are in right now.

    While I'm new with this system and don't normally work with irrigation systems, I'm not as new to it as many people have assumed in this thread. I simply have never worked with them under the umbrella of my own company, or with a Hunter system.

    He had a "reputable company" that was "Maintaining" the system... that's why folks get their cars washed in the parking lot every time the system fires and so many heads have gone unattended to.

    Was just hoping to get some ideas about what you guys charge in your particular area so I can adjust accordingly.

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    You guys had that nasty tornado right? How is it coming along there?
  3. Dripit good

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    You should understand what I charge in Detroit, vs an irrigator in Texas, vs an irrigator on Long Island, Cape Cod, California, Nevada, Minnesota, etc... has no bearing on the going rates in your region.

    You will get better and more accurate information anonymously calling irrigators in your neck of the woods for pricing. I'm sure those will fluctuate based on who you talk to, and for a variety or reasons.

    For that matter, ask your client for the rates he has been paying. Tell him you would like to know this so you can match them...or reduce them by a percentage.

    You'll need to spend a little more leg work on this than making a post on a thread.

    Good luck to you.
  4. Stuttering Stan

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    Hunter does not make systems. They are a major manufacturer of irrigation components. The install company "makes" the irrigation system.
  5. Jeremy1592

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    Life after the tornado is a struggle, but Joplin has rebounded nicely. No junk left... just looks like a wide open field.

    Benefit to guys like me is we are getting tons of yard installations and possibly, if I can get some knowledge, the irrigation installations to go with them. I've got a plumber I'm working with who doesn't have the time to install irrigation and he may start shooting me some work... we'll see how that pans out.
  6. Jeremy1592

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    Thank you. I have already made the extra leg work effort... just trying to get some more info from here.

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  8. Jeremy1592

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    Thanks a bunch! Seems to be some good info here.
  9. muddywater

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    I charge a service call $49 and $49 per rotor to replace. Sprays are a little less. But i am in a smaller city w low cost of living.
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