REPAIR: Plate Tamper doesn't vibrate

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by big daddy b, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. big daddy b

    big daddy b LawnSite Member
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    Might be the wrong forum for this, but hey I figured most everyone of you have owned and operated numerous tampers before so maybe someone can help me out here with some information....
    I have a big old plate tamper, I literally pulled it out of the garbage and brough it home. Touched up the paint on it, used it a few times.
    Not sure what brand of tamper this is, no name on it and no serial numbers anywhere besides the honda engine.

    So anyway, the engine fires right up the first pull, no issues at all there.
    The issue I am having is the belt does not turn, which does not run the gears in the box below so it doesn't vibrate. I don't know why.

    I know nothing about tampers or how they actually function, other than how to start it up and change oil. I don't know about the tamper part.

    What is in that cylinder? gears? crankshaft? what kind of oil should I be using in that. Because i'm pretty sure it's low on oil in that department, maybe it dried up and got locked up in there, I am not sure.

    What should I do, in your opinion?
    I know it's only $100, but it's more of an annoyance for me because I am not positive how to fix it yet, and not sure if it is fact even fixable.
    It was one of those things where I used it one day, it worked perfectly, the next time I went to use a month didn't work at all. I know that's a long time for it to sit not being used, but hey.

    So, any opinions? Words of advice other than to throw it back in the garbage? Anyone have this happen to them?
  2. DVS Hardscaper

    DVS Hardscaper LawnSite Fanatic
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    dude - if the engine runs - then the crankshaft is fine :hammerhead:

    The engine is seperate from the vibrator :hammerhead:

    Its not vibrating. So the problems lies within the components that make it vibrate.

    Sounds like it'll make a might fine boat anchor :clapping:
  3. clipfert

    clipfert LawnSite Member
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    Is the belt tight?
    Are the pulleys in tact? Maybe the key way broke.
    Does it have oil in the base? (not engine)
    Can you post a pic to determine the Make and possible Model?
  4. big daddy b

    big daddy b LawnSite Member
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    dude, there is either a crank shaft or gears in the cylinder that make the tamper vibrate, that's what i was talking about.
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  5. big daddy b

    big daddy b LawnSite Member
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    the pulleys are in tact, and the belt is tight and not fractered or broken or anything like that. The belt won't turn at all, the engine pulley spins freely when I remove the belt, but the pulley at the lower end does not spin.
    There was a little bit of oil in the bottom when I got it, I pressure washed the tamper and haven't seen oil since.
    That's why I was wondering what type of oil to put in the cylinder, 90W gear oil?
    I am pretty sure the whole problem lies within that cylinder, I'm just afraid of pulling it apart before fully understanding what could possibly be inside and how that works.

    I will see if I can get a picture up tomorrow of the unit
  6. clipfert

    clipfert LawnSite Member
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    Some use ATF. Others use 10W30
    Is it a forward plate or reversible?
  7. DVS Hardscaper

    DVS Hardscaper LawnSite Fanatic
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    LOL - there is no "crankshaft" in the cylinder! :hammerhead:

    Cylinders have pistons inside them.

    Crankshaft's are in the engine's block............
  8. DVS Hardscaper

    DVS Hardscaper LawnSite Fanatic
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    It's beyond an oil issue, not an oil issue (at this juncture).

    The vibrator is locked up. Could be a broken part inside. Could be the bearings are history.
  9. Bru75

    Bru75 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Be adventurous and take it apart, it's probably either a broken part inside, old cruddy caked up oil, or rusted tight. No way to know without looking.

    Inside should be a shaft with weights attached to one side (#18 in the diagram), these are what make it hop. Mine is reversible so the diagram might not be exactly right, but should be similar.

    compactor 001.jpg
  10. big daddy b

    big daddy b LawnSite Member
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    Thanks a lot for the diagram, I've been trying to find one online.
    I did some other research on older tampers like mine....and I found on another website that my tamper most likely has an offset what he called it, with two bearings.
    Like I said I was hoping to fix it without taking it apart, but it looks like its coming apart.

    If its shot, its shot.

    DVS, explain to me how a piston is going to a tamper vibrate?
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