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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by keith_480231, May 2, 2007.

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    Hey quick question guys. Someone has contacted me about doing some repairs to their patio. Went by tonight to take a look. There is approximately 140 sq. ft. to be repaired. Also they had a natural stone step by the door wall that has since disintegrated and they would like it replaced also. Questions I have are what are you guys that do this type of work getting per sq. ft.? And also how do you guys move those steps when you cannot get a skid into the yard? Any help would be appreciated. Customer was referred by someone else that I am doing a lot of work for this summer and just don't want to p off that person and lose all the work I have set-up with them. Thanks again. Keith :waving:
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    Like everything else, there is no psf pricing done. It's all based on what materials are needed and projected labor. Have the pavers slightly slipped and become mis-aligned, or is there a major structural issue indicated by dips in the pavers? One is a relatively easy fix, the other somewhat major...

    Best bet is T&M if you can do it.

    Without seeing a pic of the step you are talking about, the way to move it is quite simply manpower... How did the Egyptians ever build the pyramids without all the equipment we have today? They had plenty of manpower and an understanding of simple tools... Put the step on rollers (i.e.-pipes) and push it back there.
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    You shouldn't be worried about the other customer getting pi$$ed. This is a business and you shouldn't worry about what another customer may do based on a price off of a referral.

    I don't care how much work you are willing to send my way, if I can't charge what I want then I don't want the work. I hate customers that act like it is an honor to work for them and any one else would kill to do all of this work and for a lower price also. I really push the quality issue and let them know that they could always find someone cheaper then me, but they will not do as good of a job. Another one is when people think that they are better at estimating a job then me and tell me what I should charge. I usually just leave at this point if I feel that these are dificult people because it isn't worth the hassle. I am not going to sell them on the quality of a job done right when they focus on the price. These are also the same people who push you for everything that isn't in the contract because they mis-understood the work and after your finished they still aren't happy because they expected something else done for free.

    You really should be charging enough so that you cover your overhead, pay yourself well and you business should make a decent profit because you would like a return on the money that you have invested.
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    If they say "give me a good deal and I'll get you a bunch of work." I tell them get me the work and then you get your deal.

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