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  1. No Rush

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    This is at a store where I put the system in; the driveway design doesn't work for large trucks. Also, while I was working here a car ran right over the same area. The driver was a kid who dropped his cigarette in his lap. I moved two sprays heads away from the curb and reconnected the lateral to a row which runs parallel to the road.


  2. ed2hess

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    That isn't a bad idea but in our area they use big rock bolders......funny how people don't seem to run over them.
  3. No Rush

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    I tried and tried and tried to convice them to put bolders but they wouldn't let me so I put rocks; they were happy.
  4. hoskm01

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    Because of course it would be Walgreens fault that people cant drive worth a darn. Always someone elses fault, cant blame the store I guess. Nice work. Did you bring all that rip-rap in on pallets and flatbed?
  5. AI Inc

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    I have a few dunkin donuts that I service , same deal. TT,s always running over the sides.
  6. Green Sweep

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    Same here, my systems are at Bob Evans.
  7. Landrus2

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    Be careful when mowing. you don’t get some of those rocks under your mower.:drinkup:

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