Repairing a Honda GXV120-140 series engine - can you still get parts?


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I have the opportunity to get a Honda lawnmower with a GXV120 engine; the lawnmower still works, but uses quite a lot of oil - this is due to the fact that the previous owner managed to run it for a while with almost no oil.

I was wondering if it is still possible to get parts for older Honda engines - such as the GXV120, or have parts for them been discontinued (e.g. crank, pistons, valves etc). My old Tecumseh is a write-off because I can't get a new crank, for example!

All the parts places on the internet show diagrams of the GXV 120, but the crank isn't advertised as something for sale, for example?



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Parts are still available for either it seems. I went online and it gave prices etc so it looks like you can get parts.

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