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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by wvaughn7, Sep 12, 2011.

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    I have a 2003 Scag Turf Tiger that while finishing up mowing today I noticed a small puddle of oil on the trailer. I looked around to see where it was coming from and noticed that the left side pump was leaking from around the shaft that the pulley is on. I acyually happened to order a seal kit about two weeks ago and also the bearing and shaft kit in anticipation of rebuilding it as soon as time allowed. Now I am forced to get this repaired ASAP. I am fairly mechanicaly inclined and I feel confident that I can get it done correctly and on time. What I am asking for is a little guidance from the people that have been in my shoes before.

    As stated before it is a 2003 Scag TT, and it has a 27 HP liquid cooled Kawasaki. I believe the pump is a BDP-10A. I Know it is the old 10cc pump and not the 16cc, but I am not positive about the BDP part just going off what I have read here on Lawnsite. My question is what is the correct procedure to tearing this pump down? I know to make sure to document every step and take many many pictures. I will also make sure the entire pump assembly is spotless before any work is performed to avoid contamination. I am needing to start on this tomorrow if possibly so I really appreciate any advice you can give.
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    Just make sure you.keep everything extremely.clean. I wear rubber gloves and change a few times during a.rebuild to keep.from contaminating anything. It also.helps if you have someone to.take as you disassemble it for.future reference.when putting it back togather
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    This may not be helpful but I am a fair repair guy until it comes to those pumps and wheel motors. I have watched real pros take them apart and put them back together and once I seen that a few times I decided I would pay the $130 to have them do it. Way tooo many little parts. And I seen them fail a couple times and had to take it apart a second time.
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    Where can you get hydro pumps repaired ? I just read your old post and you mention paying $130 to have them fixed.
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    Little trick I found was to use a rubber band around the pistons(cylinder) to keep them from falling out. Grease work 1 once but the rubber band works everytime. Not too much to them really. Just keep clean and have a clear work space so that you don't lose anything. I once had a charger pump check ball bounce all the way across the shop, spent the next couple hrs looking for it, and I did find it. I have a Service Man for the BDP 10A/21L if you need some guidance. It's pretty good at showing(pictures) how things get assembled. Also fill the pump with oil before you put the cap on. That helps the bleeding thing. I also use a LARGE syringe to suck the oil out of the pump before removal.
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    Mark the charge pump cap for rotation...
    Dont lose the plastic ball under the spring atop the head...
    Mark the head and housing for location...
    As mentioned earlier...use a rubberband around the pistons to hold in place while assembling.

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