Repairing St Augustine yard

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Steve, Mar 10, 2018.

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    Proper watering, HOC, and weed prevention are they keys to any turf type
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    If the lawn was a decent SA lawn and went down hill in a short time ask yourself why, which you've already more/less answered. I won't repeat what GD said I'll 2nd it.

    You said the lawn was a good stand of SA not that long ago. I'm going to guess there is still some bits here and there. I've actually gotten a lawn back to SA in similar situations you've mentioned. I'll give you general advice.

    If irrigation is lacking and needed which in Florida I'll assume it is, then fix that situation.

    Mow at a higher height, while the Bermuda will grow also the SA will tend to spread through it sort of weaving it's way.

    I would fertilize at about 1/2 lb. of N and K per month during the growing season. This is below the rate that is ideal for Bermuda

    You will probably need some herbicide help but I won't recommend anything since you aren't an applicator and that might only confuse you. May want to seek a local pro for this.

    You may want to plug the lawn with SA to hasten the process

    Getting the lawn back to a good stand of SA won't happen overnight but it can be successful. I'll just say I've done it.
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    do it man! bermuda sucks! :laugh:

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