Repairing the Soil Food Web

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Gerry Miller, Oct 15, 2007.

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    Another of Kiril's post calling the kettle black:

    It just never ends with you guys does it. Instead of addressing the issues being presented, you choose to ignore them and instead engage in your baseless bashfest. Why not explain how these posts ARE consistent with the information source.

    Do you even have a job? Looks like you have too much time on your hands. It seems all you do is foam at the mouth and find every post I've made, and then YOU turn it into a bash fest. What happened with your post stating you were not going to engage in this questionable behavior? That didn't last very long, did it!

    gosh darn, once again I have let myself get drawn into Kiril's politically motivated bashfest.

    At any rate, I'm done explaining anything to you. You're not worth the time or the effort. I will continue to post information here from time to time with no consideration of your questionable posts. I could care less what you think as you are unimportant, uninformed, and it seems that people here have heard your baloney before. You are an ankle biter! And actually it's you that has no merit!
  2. Kiril

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    You mean this one?

    I am simply pointing out the flaws in your posts Gerry. Perhaps you don't care that some of the information you provide is incorrect/misleading, however the people who visit this forum looking for accurate information deserve just that, accurate information. Like I said before, if your posts can't stand up to scrutiny, then I suggest you stop posting.
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    Gerry, My reference to the cut and paste is simply because a link to the actual site is worth tenfold to a bunch of cut and paste that can be altered to suit a specific agenda. The link I posted was simply meant for education resources, for you as well as others that visit this forum. Your personal attack on me for simply posting an informative link in this thread simply shows your mind is made up and you will not allow any other views or options sway what you believe to be right. Thats a shame too, you are missing out on a lot of good information.

    Elaine Ingram did not coin the phrase The Soil Food Web, and is a latecomer to the science of soil biology. I am not saying she hasnt found a lot of good things, and done tons of research, but shes not the utmost authority on the subject as you may think. Not even close.
  4. Gerry Miller

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    I've never stated that she coined the phrase 'the soil food web' so I don't know why you made that statement. As far as a late comer, I don't think so. She is one of the top, if not the top, authority in soil microbiology. If you can name someone else, please do so.

    Here are some info on Dr. Ingham:

    Be sure to read all the info on that page. Let me know who you think has accomplished more than Dr. Ingham.

    And I have not made up my mind to others opinions or statements. But I haven't seen very much of that, only being attacked the moment I made my first post.

    As far as cut and paste, that is your opinion of it. And that's fine, you are entitled to your opinion. Just don't tell me your opinion has to be mine. If you don't like what I post, then the answer is simple, don't read it.
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    Oh really? Who then?:laugh:
  6. muddstopper

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    I aint getting into a peeing contest with someone that refuses to accept that they might be wrong about anything. Your mine is made up and nothing I can say is going to change it.

    I will provide you with a link to the updated version of the original article called the Soil Food Wed by its original author and the originator of the term Soil Food Web, which Ingram didnt have anything to do with. Ecology and the Soil Food Web.pdf

    You might want to consider the author of this paper as a pretty good authority on the subject of soil Biology as he has 3 Phds ,not one, on the subject. You might want to visit his site and do a little reading on the subject of restoreing the soil. I dont consider him the utmost authority on the subject of soil biology either. The fact of the matter is, every single scientist worth their salt relies on and uses others research material to validate their own research. If its science, its repeatable, if it cant be repeated, then it aint science. Relying on any one single source of information or any one so called expert, as the grand answer to any problem is plain foolish.

    You have also posted a lot of articles by Dr. Don Marx, which you probably did without his permission. You should try and visit the organic classes Dr. Marx holds at his home in Frogmore SC each year. You can pick up a lot of good information there as well. He will even let you fish from his dock
  7. Gerry Miller

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    I like that linked you posted. Some very good, basic info on the soil foodweb. It does predate Dr. Ingham's work. But again, I never said that she coined that phrase anyway. As far as your opinion or mine, who is the leading authority, it's just that, it's an opinion. I don't care if you like my opinion or not.

    To correct you, I have not posted 'a lot' of articles of Dr. Don Marx, only one, singular. I took that post right from the inter net and posted his name with the article. I don't see any requirement necessary of needing his permission. I certainly don't need your permission.

    You make another false assumption, thinking that I only rely on one source of information. That is incorrect. You don't even know me to make such a statement. But I find this arrogant, pompous attitude a very common occurrence on this site.

    While I don't want to engage in a 'pissing contest' with anyone either, I just don't respond well to arrogant, pompous people. I don't respond well when someone attempts to tell me what to think and how to post or even what to post, or to put words in my mouth. The reaction is predictable.

    But I do thank you for that post, I did enjoy it.
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    Your original post was pointless. I've read that article. By posting it you????????did what?

    For the people that read this site...

    Point 1. Ok, so what should I do?
    Point 2. Ok, so what should I do?
    Point 3. Ok, so what should I do?
  9. mdlwn1

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    It seemed more like a monotone lecture from Hillary telling us absolutley nothing while implying everything.
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