Repairing the Soil Food Web

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Gerry Miller, Oct 15, 2007.

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    i was wondering where you were!

    the soil food web will repair itself over time if left alone to do its thing.

    its simple. water, seed, dirt(pardon me, soil) sunshine, and proper mowing.
    and a little clover does wonders! :)
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    Hi Woody, how are you doing? You are right that the earth will heal itself, over time, if it's not exposed to synthetic chemicals to destroy the soil organisms. The use AACT dramatically speeds up the process by supercharging the soil with soil biology that helps gets things in balance. Compost tea is used for bioremediation or soil detoxification (to undo the damage already done with chemical-based pesticides and synthetic fertilizers), and ultimately, for enhancing soil structure.

    The only problem is with your theory is if your neighbor is using chemicals, your soil will be exposed to it as well and have a negative effect. If you are unfortunate to be down wind from a farmer spraying his fields 5 miles away, you are getting exposed as well.

    Also, if your soil is damage by natural forces like flooding, or even standing water for a few days, can be enough to turn anaerobic and turn to alcohol and kill the fungi in your soil. The use of AACT can help bring the soil back into balance and add fungi to the soil. Without it, the soil will turn to hard pan and compaction.

    You golf course is pretty much self sustaining, requiring minimal inputs I'm sure. Any new pics showing your accomplishments this year?

    Good to hear from you Woody!:waving:
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    100% agreed. I would even go so far as to say it is one of the few indisputable "facts" posted on this forum of late.

    If you love mother nature, she will love you back. [​IMG] ;)
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    thanks Kiril... yup, nature is amazing!!

    As far as updated golf course pics, well, this season we were missing that important ingredient...RAIN. With no irrigation available, the turf went brown, crispy, crunchy and appeared hopeless. But with the cooler temps, and a few good rains this fall, things are recovering nicely. There are a few areas that will require some topdressing an over seeding in the spring, or dormant seeding when the temps drop.


    after 6 years of observation and very little input besides mowing,and relying on mother nature to do the watering, the improvements in turf quality tell me that my 'theory' is clearly reality. This is my experience, and doesnt neccesarily mean anyone else will have the same results.
    The other reality is that i have no control over what is applied to the surrounding fields, so maybe it affects my results, maybe is beyond my control.

    a light application of compost will yield equal results as applying tea. building soil structure takes time, but once the balance is acheived the amount of input required drops off drastically.

    Organic lawn care is simple and inexpensive and it works, but it takes time!! from a business perspective, and the customers that need to see instant results ...time is a huge factor. science and theory are all well and good, but reality is unpredictable.

    simplicity is the key!
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    Uh Oh....did I catch you guys agreeing on something!

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