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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by kerdog, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. kerdog

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    For those of you that do repair/service......

    Do you have repeat customers? I'm sure everyone has a few loyals.

    Not talking about the ones that are a 'winter-ize', or a 'spring' turn-on, or the ones that are under a maint. agreement, or past installation customers, etc. I'm referring to the ones that call you up out of the blue.......found your company by any number of ways; phone-book, referred, saw your truck, ad, you hear from them again, next time something breaks. Or are they a one-time deal?

    Would most of your repeat customers be from the 'commercial' side of does the 'residential' side fare?

  2. bicmudpuppy

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    I'm in a winterization market. It's part of what has to happen. When I get an out of the blue call, it usually means I have added one more customer to the list. That list is perpetual. I don't lose many and I enjoy the good ones that get added. That first partial season and the following year can be touch and go. Service means one on one contact, and they have to like you. I have yet to meet anyone in this buisness who truly got along with everyone. All you can do is get along with most. I even have a few that if the truth were told probably hate me, but I do good work and I don't price gouge. This means shopping around isn't worth it. As far as residential vs. commercial - I don't get any commercial work that isn't refferal. Any yellow pages or "saw your truck" type calls are always residential for me. My one liner in the yellow pages nets me more calls from guys looking for work than it does customers.
  3. DGI

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    If you're clean(ish), somewhat well-spoken and are effective in any repairs or diagnosis that you do on the first visit, people keep calling. Most of the people they've had contact with are bums. If they have a sprinkler system and don't have a company already, they either just bought the house or were unsatisfied with the previous contractor. If they've run through a few companies sending out a middle or bottom tech, they're usually going to stick with someone that does them well.

    That said, we build our customer base more through installs. Lots of them. But overall we keep a fair amount of the people who call randomly.
  4. DanaMac

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    I am also in the winterization region. So we get many repeats that way, and with spring start ups. But I also have to market it. I send out newsletters in the fall and summer to all our clients to make sure they know who to call and keep our number handy. Sure, we lose customers for different reasons, and I also have some that I've worked on every year for over 10 years now. there are also some that call us up once, then we never here from them again.

    I'll try to attach our spring letter later. It won't upload right now due to the format we created it in.
  5. DGI

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    Around here, we don't get much "one time" business for blowouts because of all of the lowballers tacking up signs on telephone poles advertising $20-25.

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