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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DAZ982500, Apr 6, 2005.

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    I previously posted a question earlier in the day regarding a Spring Clean Up.To help the respondent who asked the question about more details of this job here it is.The Property owner requested her lawn to be cleaned up ,she will be putting the home on the market in June this year.The yard needs all the leaves cleaned up from the yard. All the shrubs, bushes need to be trimmed or removed the best I can do to give you idea how much is to say that they surround the entire house estimate it might take 1.5 hrs to cut. All flower beds to be cleaned out they have white stone in the bed looks like they have to be blown out rather than raking.The third part of this job is removing some old wooden fence that is decaded along the south side of the home. I estimate that the whole job would probably take 6hours I need to take this to the landfill after. As I stated my estimate based on insurance gas profit materials part of lawn needs reseeding area 10'x10'.$200-225.Home owner lives in Florida I contact her via Email.Some the concerns that people had were surrounding payment, which has crossed my mind but I am more interested with the estimate.The raking 1hr -1.5hrs, trimming(chainsaw.loopers) 1.5hrs reseed 1/4hr-30min,cleanup/disposal 2.5hr-3.THANKS HOPE THIS HELPS DAZ.
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    that sounds like almost 8 hours of work with materials and dump fees. $200-$225 is too low. Grass seed is not cheap, neither is starter fert, or gas. 8 of my hours with no materials would be AT LEAST $200 if not more, factor in gas, materials, drive time to job and to the dump site and back, equipment fees... I personally would charge more.

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