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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by caseymax, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. caseymax

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    Hi I have a Dixie with 23HP Command Koler with 1 1/8inch crank. I found new koler 23 Command with full warranty on line with 1 inch crank shaft.(CV675s-75590) mine has 1 1/8 crank. Do they make a 1/16 inch shim I could use. Or do they make a pulley I could use. The pulley is a double with 2 different size pulleys on it. Has anyone dealt with this? The engine from Dixie Chopper dealer is $2100, & from Pats Small Eng. was $700 with full 2 year Koler warranty.
    Thanks MAX
    Monrovia IN.
  2. topsites

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    Not sure if a shim would help, it sounds like the shaft on the $700 is too short?
    Shimming it, wouldn't that make it shorter still?

    Now it's not a Kohler, but I think for $900 you can get a 25 or 26hp Briggs & Stratton with the correct shaft size.
    It's just not something I like fooling with, personally, if the specs are not exact I'd rather get a Briggs (like in this case).
  3. David Thompson

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    I have used shims of this nature from granger a commercial tool supply house' Not sure if they have that size but worth a look .
  4. jkason

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    Have the Dealer order you a new crank and gasket kit.

    Much easier than dealing with bushings (they don't have a keyway cut into them, I assume).
  5. DreamtheGreen

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    Don't buy the cheap one, it won't last loger then 500-600 hours. cheap ones are made for homeowners mowers. Dixie ended up getting with Kohler and they chatted about things. They paid Kohler more $$ to put heavier bearings in the motor to last the 2000 plus hours that they do. Exmark mowers are the same.
  6. Landrus2

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    The engine from Dixie Chopper dealer is $2100, & from Pats Small Eng. was $700 with full 2 year Koler warranty. You only get what you pay for. stay with original engine if you thinking on keeping it for the long run.:waving:
  7. sdbserv

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    No shims are available, but you might be able to change pulleys and the clutch. All Kohler Command engines are essentially the same internally, THERE ARE NO DIFFERENCES IN BEARINGS OR QUALITY OF METALS. One guy said, "you get what you pay for". Well, if that's the case , next time he needs and engine, instead of paying the dealer $2100 for a new engine, shouldn't he give him more money. Using his logic, if he gave the dealer $4200, wouldn't the engine last twice as long? Try and get your exact engine for much less.
  8. caseymax

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    Thanks for all the suggestions, I appreciate the input. I decided to overhaul the 23 Koler instead of replacing it. 2100 hours and the inside was in excellent condition. Had 1 scored piston with the rings froze, which was the reason it was blowing oil and no compresson on that side. The walls cleaned up good with in ****'s. It cost me $290 for 2 pistons with rings and a complete gasket kit. We have used Lucas oil in for the last 1500 hrs, and it made a believer out of me. For info reason the Koler don't have bearings in it and the 17 thru 23 hp all use the same block and pistons and shaft, There are 148 different 22/23 Koler engines id numbers listed but there is no difference in the short block other than some have 1 inch and most have 1 1/8 Crank shaft. I cant see where Dixie Chopper has done any thing different for there engine. And by the way lifters used in the Koler engines are the same ones used in 350 small block Chevy that you can buy at any auto parts store.
    Thanks Max
    Monrovia In
  9. topsites

    topsites LawnSite Fanatic
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    That's right, I don't see a difference like this going on from one Kohler to the next,
    why in the world would they special make something for a mower then sell different engines 'after market?'

    That Kohler might have turned on their assembly line one day and every engine that came off was sent to Dixie, that's possible.
    But that these engines were built any different from any other engine of the same specs that get sent elsewhere, no.

    From a mfg'er's perspective that's just bad business, the real reason there's mixups with the model numbers is because the mfg'ers are constantly upgrading to newer models (and discontinuing older ones) and again from a mfg'ers perspective they have no incentive to cross-reference the #'s for us (because they stand nothing to gain from it either way).

    With the exception of horsepower and ES / Recoil, vert / horiz, and a few other differences, I am certain every Kohler is otherwise built identical.
    Or as close as identical gets on an assembly line, anyhow. However, Kohler as a manufacturer every year or two their whole line-up changes, maybe it takes longer but stick around this business and watch every single engine that's made today disappear in the next 5-8 maybe 10 years.

    So what happens is you got a slew of new model engines and it would appear yours isn't being made anymore, BUT the dealer has one!
    Thus the 'special' price is because you get the EXACT engine your mower needs, right then and there.

    Now you want to pay the money and be done with it, or you want a better price then you have to do the research.
    You have to find out the specs on your current engine, and sort through the new ones to find the one that fits.
    This takes time, so either way it costs.
    You could also say the 'special' price pays for the convenience,
    but that's all it pays for.

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