replace FB460 Kaw with honda 13HP?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by kmacd, Apr 24, 2010.

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    I have a Toro proline 36, with a kawasaki FB460V engine. It has no compression (20psi) and I have not done a leak down test yet to see if it is a valve issue. It seems its a grand for a new replacement engine. i saw this post where a member used a honda 13 hp which you can get for $499 plus $50 shiping. Here was the post:

    We replaced the FB460 in our Emark WB with 13HP Honda and love it. Small Engine Warehouse has great deal on them right now at $469 to your door. Was a direct bolt in deal mechanicaly. Simply remove the supplied tank (if you need to) and hook up your fuel line, The wiring change over was dead simple for all but the most challanged electricaly. We also made up a battery box and hooked up the electric start but you dont have to as it starts easily. I think we could pay for the conversion in fuel savings alone.

    Here is a link to the Honda.

    My question is how much modifications would be needed fo this to fit? I am pretty handy and do most of my own work but if its going to be more trouble then its worth maybee I will try to repair my current engine.

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    I am not sure about the swap however you may want to check also to see if the Kawi uses compression release that may be giving you less than desirable compression results as we have had some Honda engines that a tech wanted to condemn but the compression release was working as designed and the engine was in perfect shape but had a coil issue causing the no start issue. Just a thought.
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    I actually changed the coil first, and when that didnt work did a comp test. Its always been a bare to start, now it wont do anything. I have spark and fuel to the carb.

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