Replace Line Swisher E4-S3000

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by JohnnyQ, May 2, 2010.

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    I just got the Swisher E4-S3000 from Costco
    I was not sure how to replace the line
    Do I twist the knob until I see day light
    Feed in 5 feet of line on both sides
    Twist until 5 inches is left on either side and then trim the line
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    Designed and developed at the Tualatin, Oregon campus, the commercial-grade Shindaiwa Speed-Feed® trimmer head features many advantages over traditional bump-feed heads.

    The new and exciting Shindaiwa Speed-Feed® trimmer head can actually be reloaded without dismantling. With Speed-Feed®, there is no need to press-in stiff tabs or unlock mud-incased covers just to refill line! With Speed-Feed® you simply line-up the eyelets, thread the line through the trimmer head until it exits the opposite eyelet and pull a couple of arms lengths of line. The line is quickly and easily loaded on the spool by turning the large knob on top of the trimmer head. Cut the line to size and your back in business. It’s just that simple! Typical time to reload line from container in to the trimmer head is 30 seconds or less!

    Other Speed-Feed® Features:

    Loads in 30 seconds or less!

    Spool holds about 25 feet of .095” line

    Maximum line size is .105” of any shape

    Inner wall reduces amount of dirt inside head

    Large, durable eyelets enhance line life

    Line tensioning system with split spool reduces head vibration

    Smooth and durable, the large bottom cover taps on ground to advance line and allows head to glide while trimming

    Fits all straight shaft Shindaiwa trimmers and brushcutters

    Adapter hardware available to fit-up with most major competitive models

    Speed-Feed 375 (3.75") vs Speed-Feed 450 (4.5")

    The Speed-Feed 375 is smaller in diameter and lighter than the larger Speed-Feed 450 and is recommended for engines 25cc and smaller. While the Speed-Feed 375 and 450 share the same features, the larger Speed-Feed 450 cannot be used on curved-shaft models. The Speed-Feed 450 has a larger line capacity and accepts thicker trimmer line.
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