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    I'm trying to decide what mower purchases I need to make this winter and this would affect my lineup.

    I have a '98 Lazer Z HP w/ the 48" deck and 18 hp Kohler engine. 1050 hours and the engine may need some work done w/i the next year or so. Is there a way to upgrade to another Kohler with more power/torque if I wind up deciding to replace the engine anyway? I wouldnt' feel as bad having to lay out cash if I got more power as well. I use it for mulching and could use more, of course. And could Exmark provide a list of suitable models?
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    Thanks for the post. The 18 hp Kohler really performs like the 20-hp version of the same engine under most conditions. The 20 does have an advantage because the carburetor allows more fuel and air flow under full load.

    The next leap would be to jump up to the 23 hp Kohler. I don't think I would recommend switching to Kawasaki just because of wiring changes and other miscellaneous differences.

    The 23 hp is going to be a major leap in power however I'm not certain you'll ever get to use it on a 48" deck. It may be more cost effective to stick with the 18/20 engine that you have now.

    I would seriously look at how the engine performed when new. Did it have adequate power? If not how often? Then you can determine if a power increase is needed or justifiable.

    Good luck


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