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  1. can anyone recommend a place to get a replacement kohler? the two dealer here want 1900.00 for just the motor. i've looked through a couple of sites and have found some cheaper prices there. just want to explore my options. also the motor is coming off a toro 62" z with a 25 hp, could i get a way with a 23hp?
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    small engine Cheapest place around. fast shipping. 23 has less noticeable torque.

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    since were on the subject. does anyone know if i would run in to any problems going from a 22 horse kohler vertical shaft. to a 25 horse kohler or kawasaki. besides the the bigger shaft size. should everything else bolt up and plug in.
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    :blob3: if you go with the kohler it should bolt right up and the harness should plug right together, i would not go with a bigger shaft though because now you need to change the pulleys as well. you should be able to find a 25hp with the same shaft size. if you go to a kawi the harness on the machine is from kohler and you need to change that, it can cost an addt. $200. tony

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    thank,s tony but the 22 that i have on the mower now has a 1'' shaft and every 25 that i have checked into has a 1 1/8'' shaft. i know that i will have to switch pully,s and the clutch. but i think that it,s worth it for the little extra power. but i guess i will have to stick with kohler since i dont want to change the harness. again thank you.
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    I bought a replacement Honda 6.5 engine for my trac vac unit this past fall from . All i can say is the they saved me over $150 over my dealer, shipping was free on that selected model and the engine was here within a few days. Excellent service and prices!!!!

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    Check out,do a search in google.I've found TEW to be quite a bit less on larger kohlers.I bought an 18 cv for 495..Also,be sure to check out their closeouts..As far as changing clutch-no biggie,plus,as far as the harness goes,use your old one.( it wouldn't be that hard to change,however,a 12 volt system is a 12 volt system)..JB
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    I dont know how prices compare but I would also check with they have a good choice of engines and other equipt too. Just my 2 cents.
  9. burnandreturn

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    When you buy an engine there is a serial number and a model number. If you want to just drop in the engine you need to match both. When Kohler builds engines, they build them to the specs. of the OEM. There are alot of different setups all within the same horsepower catagory. The plug can and probably will be wired differently than the one you are replacing. It's not a big deal to rewire any of these engines, you just need to know ahead of time.

    I've used and they did just what they said they would do. Courteous and prompt. I had my 25 hp in three days!
  10. Albemarle Lawn

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    Bolted right on. I didn't even need the motor, I just wanted more power.

    The Kohler 23 HP vertical may have a 1" shaft or a 1 1/8" shaft.

    Do you have a vertical shaft or horizontal shaft Kohler?

    If you need a cheap vertical shaft I will sell the Kohler 25 vertical I took out for $400, + shipping or come pick up. It has about 850 hours, and has only tasted premium gas and synthetic oil.


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