Replacement Lawnboy Engines

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Landrus2, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. Landrus2

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    Those any one know were to get replacement engines for commercial lawnboy :waving:
  2. IA_James

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    Your Toro dealer. They come with a brand new red deck, new wheels, and a new blade. And they run better and longer than the old one. Sorry couldn't reisist. But Toro did buy Lawn Boy.
  3. Roger

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    Why do you ask the question in this way ("... replacement engine")? I will presume you mean a 2 cycle engine, such as a DuraForce. If not, then disregard the following comments.

    Is the crankshaft destroyed? Main bearings? Broken rod?

    If the main part of the engine has a major problem, a new short-block can be installed. For all practical purposes, this will provide you with a "replacement engine."

    I posted some threads earlier in the season about difficulties I had with my 2 cycle DuraForce engine. The result was a short-block replacement. Here are the two threads:

    The second one provides pics of my work to do the short-block replacement. It is not a difficult task, and requires 3-4 hours. The cost of a new part is about $180. If you need help, I can walk you through the task. But, basic mechanic skills are all that is needed -- there is no "skilled" tasks, such as bearing installs, ring insertions, etc.

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