Replacement Oil For Grasshopper Hydrostatic System

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mowingman, Oct 30, 2001.

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    Many Grasshopper owners have mentioned on various threads that they are aggrevated at paying high prices to get "Grasshopper" brand oil for their hydroststic systems and they can not get specs to find cheaper oil. Well, here is info you need so you can purchase replacement oil at more reasonable prices.
    My Grasshopper dealer, ( he is a former factory rep with GH), and his lead mechanic said the following oils can be used to replace the GH hydro oil: Mobil DTE 26
    Quaker State AW ISO 68

    My local oil distributer said all DTE 26 oils are the same and are identical to any of the oils that say AW 68; AW ISO 68; or just ISO68. MY oil dist. has been in the business for 45 years, so he ought to know. I bought a 5 gal. bucket of Duraguard ISO68 for 20.00. Thats a lot cheaper than the high dollar GH oil.:D
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    I used to have grasshoppers before becoming a DC convert and I always used mobil dte-26 with good results................Lynn
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    I hope many GH owners see your post. I believe I was the one that started the original post complaining about the high cost of GH oil last year. At that time I spoke to a man by the name of Stan Guyer at the GH factory and he assured me that Mobil DTE26 or Mobil 1 engine oil would work just fine in my 725 G2 GH. He told me that the only real difference in the GH oil was a zinc additive used for wear resistance. He also told me that the factory was considering extending the change intervil (at lease on the G2 tansmissions) to 1500 hours. He even went so far as to suggest to me that I not change mine until then. Well, my 725 G2 is sitting in a storage garage right now with 1187 hours on the clock and a blown r wheel motor and r hydro pump. Parts: $1500 Labor: $500!!! I went out and bought a new Husqvarna 23hp Kawi w/52 mulching deck and will NEVER go back to GH. The husky uses Mobil 1 oil at $4.50 qt at Wal-Mart.

    PS - The Husqvarna would mow rings around the GH and the cut is MUCH better than GH
  4. Mowingman

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    FYI, Stan Guyer is the president and ceo of Grasshopper. Sure hope I have better luck with mine. I guess time will tell. So far, I really like my 428d midmount72", and the cut is great.:)
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    so i guess you want to sell that grasshopper?

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