replacement PTO for older Bunton ZTR with Kohler CH25?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by ribertgropius, Aug 21, 2011.

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    So after all the investigation in my other post, I finally was forced to admit that the PTO has gone bad on my 1994 Bunton ZTR. I pulled it off last night, and sure enough, the epoxy field windings have swollen enough that it is rubbing against the steel ring above it which turns. The symptom is that after a couple of minutes, it blows a fuse, either shorting out, or just pulling too much amperage.

    I figured it out once I realized I didn't have just one shorted wire, but a series of melt points between the relay and the PTO. I initially thought I just had one and that it was short in the wires, but now, after inspecting the PTO, it is pretty clear it is shot. I measured 4 ohms resistance with an Ohm meter, and when I opened it up.

    It is an Ogura PTO, but one that has four bolts to mount it to my Kohler CH25. The Ogura number is MA-GT-BU2 409, and the Textron / Bunton / Bobcat number is PL7384. I can find other MA-GT pto's on line, but not the BU2 which I assume is the mounting configuration for this Bunton. There are a couple of listings for the PL7384, but they are all over $500! I hate to spend that on this mower if I can avoid it, but I may not have any choice.

    Any suggestions? Does anyone make a conversion plate to fit on an older Kohler like mine with four bolt attachments? Are there "universal" pto's that I could find for less that could somehow be adapted to fit the four bolt configuration? Are there companies that re-manufacture PTO's (replace the field)?

    I am having a badddd feeling about this that I will have to bite the bullet and pay the BIG bucks.

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