Replacing Bermuda with Fescue

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by ricsin1, Sep 14, 2009.

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    i purchased a home recently . the lawn was HORRIBLE. no grass - 99% weed... I recently started using a lawn care service. they got the grass under control somewhat. they told me i have bermuda in the front yard - fescue in the backyard. I want to have an ALL FESCUE yard.......

    the just came sept 11 and applied a pre/post emergent weed control on my bermuda. had i been thinking i would've told them not to do this.. I want to kill off the bermuda with Roundup and then aerate and overseed that area with fescue seed.

    being that they just applied the weed control on my bermuda on Sept 11 how long do i have to wait to kill off the bermuda and seed with fescue. I know that fescue seed may be affected by the weed control recently applied ....

    how long should i wait ........ thanks...
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    Are you sure it was a PRE mergent they applied? Why would they be doing that at this time of year?

    Usually that is for crabgrass and I know up here you would be about 4 months late, maybe it is different for bermuda I don't know.

    But if you get a quality aerator when you punch the holes you punch through the barrier as well on the soil surface. I would kill it, then go over with the aerator a few times and punch a TON of holes and then seed. You can seed about a week after the Round up.

    Make sure you get a quality heat resistent turf type tall fescue so it can take that southern heat during summer.
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    Heading into the end of summer we apply another granular slow release fertilizer mixed to maintain the color and feed the roots of your turf. Grassy and broadleaf weed controls are applied as needed. Lawns that receive this treatment in September will get a liquid pre-emergent application with broadleaf weed control, grassy weed control as needed, and a high potassium based fertilizer to strengthen the root systems. The pre-emergent is designed to help prevent winter annual weeds.

    I'm thinking of using the ROUND UP on the whole yard on Oct 1st -- then aerating and seeding the next week....... I wonder how long it'll take the roundup to kill off all the bermuda...?
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    I did not know that "winter annual weeds" were that much of an issue in the south,maybe someone else who is from that area could comment.

    Anyway what I said still holds true, bermuda should be dead a week later then you can saerate and seed.
  5. Good luck killing the bermunda!!!

    Roundup will make it sick, even make you believe you killed it, but it will return late spring early summer

    Several app of roundup/ornamec mix will get most of it, doubt if you have enough time to do this year!

    get a soil test now
    corect any soi;l chemistry problems by sept 1 2010
    keep weeds uner copntrol in 2010
    2010, be on a cool season program, do everying to discourage the bermunda
    research the two app approach to killing bermunda
    reseed next fall
    And be prepared for some bermunda in 2011

    Just some quich thoughts

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    if they used pre-m it will take 3 months before you can plant seed from what i have been told. I roundup and pre-m my yard last fall and then planted TTF and nothing came up. i started asking why, the answer was I used pre-m and they told me it takes 3 months before i can plant seed.

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    not sure if areating will break the baRRIER OR NOT. i WAS TOLD IT WOULD NOT BREAK THE BARRIER ENOUGH for the seed to germinate. but ask around. you might get another answer
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    What is " pre-m " ???? what does that stand for??

    if you could let me know that will be great!! i've got a roundup scheduled for tommorow and plan on areatiing and overseeding on Oct 1............

    hopwfully my lawn care service knows what the heck they are doing!!!
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    This is a typical program for the Atlanta area. Pre-Emergent (Pre-m) targets winter weeds, mostly Po anna - a grassy annual that creates green spots in the dormant bermuda. You can not seed fescue for 3-4 months after a Pre-m application. By that time it will be Jan, which is too late to seed fescue with reliable results.
    I would discuss you plans for your yard with your application company and work toward seeding next Sept. You will be unhappy with the results if you attempt it now.
    Plan a head...One app of Round-up will not kill off bermuda. You will need at least 3 apps of round-up mixed with ornamec or sethoxedem. Start this process in late July to reseed in Sept.
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  10. Pre m

    At one time refered to pendimetlin (sp) a pre emerge for grassey weeds and some broadleaf weeds, now most in the industry refer to Pre M as any of the pre emerge products to control grassy weeds ( like crab, goose, poa, others) before they germinate. These chemicals general control some limited number of broadleaf weeds from germinating, as well as any desirable turfgrass seed from germinating

    Hope this helps

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