Replacing dog urine soaked lawn


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Cleveland, Ohio
Would like advice on replacing lawn killed by the family pets, what is the best way to prepare the topsoil, what types of soil amendments should I use to insure proper germination.
Thank You in advance for your input.


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If you can dig the first 6" of soil or so out with a skid and then fill and seed like you normally would, that will be best. Another option is to pulverize the affected area, add some topsoil and lime to attempt to neutralize the area and then seed it. Either way your pissing in the wind unless the pets stay off the area. Let the owner know they should spread some lime in those areas after the lawn is good and full to help with this problem. Unfortunately pets and lawns dont mix unless they're goats and helping to mow while they are out there.


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Cape Cod
Flushing it out with water should do the trick. It is more of a salt burn than an acid thing.

As was said before, they have to keep pets off afterward.


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dog urine causes salt, not acid. try gypsum, and lots of water.

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