Replacing railroad ties

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by greenguy08, Jun 7, 2008.

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    I have a customer that needs some old rotting railroad ties replaced as border for their driveway. I'm going to quote a price to replace them with wallstone, but I'd like to give a cheaper option of replacing only the rotten ties for now, as I'll be doing a substantial job elsewhere on the property. Any ideas where I can find regular treated lumber of the same dimensions as the railroad ties? A few of them have already been replaced with this kind of material, and I'm having trouble finding it.
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    We had a similar job a couple of years ago. What you'll find is that when you take the wall apart to replace maybe the third tie, the first and second are rotten inside, or warped so bad they don't fit back in the same space. The ties are an odd length, around 8'6", if I recall, and the four sides are an odd width, too. There are companies that recycle RR ties, so do some digging on Google and maybe you'll get lucky. I found one in CT, but that won't help you in Ohio.
    We ended up with special-order pressure-treated 8x8s from a local plant. Real expensive, super heavy, and they took a lot of cutting and fitting. Good luck.

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