Replacing Starter Gear

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by kdlklm, Sep 27, 2004.

  1. kdlklm

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    I need to replace the plastic starter gear on my grasshopper, it has an eighteen hours Briggs & Stratton engine. I am wondering if anyone has replaced it, and is it much of a job. Will the engine have to come out or not. I haven't looked at it that closely yet, so I was just looking for some feedback.
  2. rockytopp

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    Not much of a job really, disconnect the battery, remove the starter and replace the drive. If you are not so inclined then head for the nearest shop. No the engine does not have to be removed. Good luck.
  3. arborguy

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    Well a couple of points

    1) I assume you mean 18 HP as opposed to 18 hours. If you only have 18 hours on the engine and you need a new starter gear something is very wrong.

    2) Regarding replacing the gear it's a one minute job once the starter is off the engine. Getting the starter off the engine can depend on what piece of equipment it's on and I'm not familier with yours. It's two bolts but some engine/equipment combinations can make it difficult to get to one or both bolts. I've replaced some that take 5 minutes for the whole job and others (16hp vanguard v-twin) can take closer to an hour.

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