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Reponse rates on advertising this fall?


LawnSite Member
cincy, oh
How has it been? My calls so far this fall have been less than 1% so far. I know falls not over with yet, but it seems like in the past it would average out at 2-3%.


LawnSite Fanatic
Did some door to door advertisements, nice 4x6 postcard on card stock, full color both sides, got about 3% calls, landed all jobs thus far, including a larger install that will pay for the advertisements 10x over. Calls are still coming in, so % will go up further hopefully. Also did a personalized letter mailing to an exclusive neighborhood. I have to say, this is the absolute best way to go to target a certain area. Well written and addressed to the actual owners of the house, really gets them calling. This was a neighborhood that must overseed in rye for the Winter per the HOA, so thats what I marketed to them, received 20% call return and landed 80% of those jobs. I will be doing many more of these in the future.