Report Unlicensed Applicators, Off Target Applications

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by DFLS, Mar 26, 2008.

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    I consider most of the people doing applications in Hawaii unlicensed. The "landscapers" typically have either the owner or a manager named on the DOA certification as the certified applicator. They do not ever pick up a spray gun or push a spreader. Instead, they send workers, usually Philipine immigrants out with dumbed-down instructions on how to mix and apply a product through a hand can or backpack sprayer. Fertilizer, forget it. They are throwing granules by hand like sowing a rice paddy.

    Yes, I am expensive. No, I do not mow, haul trash, weedwhack, install landscapes or trim hedges like how everyone else does. I also do not do the "throw and go" type of fertilizer application typical in the business. However, my clients know that I am closely monitoring everything going on in their landscape. I counsel clients and their maintenance workers on proper mowing, and pruning. I also demand and get total control of the irrigation system. The DOA knows that I apply in such a manner that is safe, accurate and effective. They have never seen anyone run a spray gun with fan tips and a regulator right before the gun ever in this state.
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    It's hard to believe there are people out here that think like this but I'm sure there are. I see 'em come and go all the time.

    I see guys like Greendoctor all the time too. They never leave.

    Why someone would study/pay for a license, then look the other way when someone is not is beyond me.
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    Where, I am at, granules on the driveway are a label violation. In Hawaii, there are no special rules to micromanage LCO's. But to not follow the label will get you a fine, if the violation is serious enough or a willful disregard of the label, the DOA will revoke your certification. You also have a case for chemical tresspass. I would take have taken pictures of the granules on the driveway and in your newly seeded areas and forward them to the interested parties.
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    I delt with such things when I worked for a large LCO many years ago. We were quick to fix the problem and hated it when the authorities contacted us before we had a chance to fix it ourselves. Due to the rapid employee turnover **** happens. Most reputable LCO would jump to fix it. If not, turn 'em in.

    I'm the only LCO in this area that blows off drives and walks after ferting lawns. If I took pics of all the violations my camera would be full in a week.

    I do call the LCO and report it. 90% of the time it gets cleaned up asap. I like to drive by and see the next day, then I call the Dept of Ag if its not done. Yes, they are on my speed dial
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    lol talk about a thread hijackin =P

    im in dallas, no problem with illegals here, ya i think they should put up a fence and any causing problems should get sent back, and the ones here should become legal, i dont care what they do with their money, they earned it, ya they pay taxes, i take it out of their paychecks, they pay when they go see a dr, they put money into the economy, what the hell u think they walk back to mexico every day and walk back in the morning for work??? that was a dumb statement... if they send their money to mexico who cares, do they have to spend every penny they make? they cant save some? ya stupid people that make fatal mistakes shouldnt have jobs with that potential, the government is who needs to get their $h#t together and fix this, it will not be settled on lawnsite.... and for the healthcare bit... most of the illegals are scared to go to the hospital because they think they will get deported.... i think the bums that are already here cause that to be a problem, and the lazy a$$es that claim disability and crap and not need it. see alot of them around here... but other that the drug dealin mexicans, most are hard working and honest as you are, because they dont have a ss# does not mean they cause all the problems you claim... if you want to turn people in for being unlicsensed go for it, alot of people start somewhere, and not everyone knows you need a lic. i didnt when i was younger... until i found out what a lesco was... i remember ericelm tellin me one time when i was talkin to him about the lic, he told me hey you gotta start somewhere. how about rather than being a snitch tell them first....
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    They said they would remove the topsoil and re-apply and seed.

    Hijack thread -- The best worker I ever had got deported to Brazil. His father was legal and I thought he was too. He worked filling wheelbarrows of mulch all day with a very quick pace and an excellent attitude all for $8 / hr. Can't get anyone legal to do what he did how he did it for under $17.
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    I've hired illegals before and it won't be the last. They sure work better than the tweekers which are 2nd choice. And as long as they let them walk across the border, im gonna use them.
    Why let all the crooked politicians make all the cash?:cool2:
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    If they get hurt the college kids (parents) and the tweekers will sue you if they get the chance but the illegals can't / won't because they know they will be deported.
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    Yeah good comparison?:rolleyes::hammerhead:
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    bout time someone here started talking some sense.

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