Report Unlicensed Applicators, Off Target Applications

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by DFLS, Mar 26, 2008.

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    Very good!! Have you heard Manuel went down to Georgia?
  2. greendoctor

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    We would not even worry about the price of fertilzer if there were no such thing as Juan and Rodrigo in this country working for less than a living wage for an American citizen. Because Joe and Sue America would be able to afford us and pay us what we are worth. Making things cheap and paying people less than a livng wage is why hard-working American citizens are either jobless or being paid less than what they are worth. This mentality is how a country becomes a third world dictatorship. Here in Hawaii, there are few Mexicans, but the Filipinos, Tongans, and Micronesians are the reason why being in the Green Industry working for someone else will guarantee poverty. For what I know and am able to do, I am not worth more than $14 an hour here. That is because the immigrants will work for $7.25 an hour and never want a raise. I make up to five times that as a solo operator.
  3. Frank Fescue

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    find a way to take advantage of a situation rather than sit back and whine about it. finding someone to work hard for half the money as some lazy college kid is neccisary.
  4. daysel

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    Oh, don't worry. They sign their life away before we work.
    LMAO on tweekers going to sue.
  5. daysel

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    No one cares about who he pays.
    What are you talking about?
  6. daysel

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    WOW! Finally someone with some common freaking sense.
    I couldn't believe the moron comparing bank robbing and murders to mexicans working illegally.
  7. OSCLandscaping

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    If that's what YOU got from his statement, maybe you shouldn't be throwing the word moron at OTHER people.
  8. Fertboy

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    Hey Guys,

    Here in MD I had my annual visit from the Dept of Ag at my shop in Feb. He went over my pest storage area,checked for all my PPE, my app records etc. It can be a pain in the rear.

    I have 2 Dept of Ag field agents here in my area, in 9 years I ran into them *Once* in the field. Then the prick pink sheeted for not having, stinking temple covering eye-wear when spraying.

    At my shop inspection I asked the field agent , so how many unlicensed guys do you run into. He said a few every year. I said no crap , I service over 1000 customers a year ( all my rounds together), and I have only seen you lazy farts once in the field. He told me we are so undermanned , we would appreciate it if you would contact us if you suspect anyone doing illegal apps.

    I don't jump on the phone after every guy I see spraying that I know is not legit. There is probably allot of competent guys spraying a little round up for an old lady and making a few bucks.

    Now I think a little different after all the hoops and hassles I have to jump through for my business, and realize I am pretty much the only one looking after myself in the field.

  9. pinto n mwr

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    although I have not looked into it but I think in Minnesota we have 2-3 people for the ENTIRE state. That includes us fert/squirt companies, co-op's, and farmers.

    One county here in the twin ciies only has 40 violations in 30 years, i have seen more than that in my 13 years. If I see anyone out there I check up on them in my spare ime to see if they are legit, if they're not it is a polite call to the dept of ag. I pay my fees to get a license and be legit. Law is the law. I would really p#ss me off if I were to get a bogus ticket for something stupid, and watch joe s%$t the rag man not get one. I guess this goes out to all you precious Dept of Ag personal. Come find me, I'm legit. If you give me a ticket for something stupid then at least think that while your are wrting it you are forgetting the 10 other joe blow's who are not legit.
  10. mngrassguy

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    I agree whole hearted Pinto but, FYI, they hired 100 new inspectors last year statewide.

    I got stopped and all he could say was "get new glasses that protect my brow and temples", no fine. He checked me over very thorough. I'm glad a put on clean underwear that morning. He marked my card so if I got stopped again by someone else I could skate. They're out there and they walk among us.

    I've complained at the recert meetings for years that they "have a loud bark but no bite". I saw violations all the time but with small fines. At least now the fines are greater than the cost of a license. lol

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