Report Unlicensed Applicators, Off Target Applications

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by DFLS, Mar 26, 2008.

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    What do you think I did? I went into business for myself and became one of the few certified applicators in Hawaii who actually works for a living. There are quite a few certified applicators here, but I do not know of many that do more than sit on their fat A$$ and give out dumbed down instructions to a nonEnglish speaking worker who is being paid minimum wage. My price per M is what you on the continent are struggling to get per acre. But my whole business is not oriented towards mass production. I deliver results on lawns and landscapes that costed the homeowner over $10,000 to isntall. Normally, the "landscaper" who installed the masterpiece keeps the maintenance contract on the property as a given. However, when the plants and lawns looks like crap even though it is being maintained by a company with over 10 trucks and 50 employees. I get the job. The issues are uncontrolled weeds, insect infestation, and poor health of the plant material due to a dumbed down fertilizer program. I do not landscape, mow or install irrigation, there are lots of companies who do that well enough. I what the "landscapers" cannot seem to do professionally and correctly.
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    Too bad I can't edit my original post and change the subject.....big time hijack here......remember that those who are not licensed did not have to spend any money on classes or licenses, did not have to spend the time in classes, and start showing a profit with the first application each year. If I see anyone applying chemicals w/out proper license you can count on a call to the dept of ag. I can't even have a spreader or a bag of fert in my pickup that is not secured somehow because of all the roadside inspections in CT they are everywhere everyday. I have modified my travel routes to try to stay on backroads. I spent money on hooks and chains and tiestraps. I wish sometimes that I worked for the DOT or EPA, with all the violations that I see everyday. If I have to secure my stuff so should everyone else.

    And how about another hijack about cops talking on their cell phones and speeding while driving, especially off duty? If I worked for the DOT could I drive around with a trailer that has an unsecured load and hand out tickets to those whose loads are not secured?
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    Its different now then it was back then. Back when our great great grandparents came to america it was to make a better life for there kids. Whether they worked on the books or off the books the money went back into our country. With the illegals in our generation they don't want to stay in america. They just want to make as much money as they can and move back to mexico or wherever, and live like kings. They are mugging the country and while they are here they are getting all the benefits because they claim they make no money. I wish I could get all the benefits they get in our country.
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    You dug up a hijacked thread over 3 years old just to piss and moan about illegals? Get a F'n life.
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