Reporting back on gutters plus new ?????????

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mykee, Aug 27, 2000.

  1. mykee

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    I,m a relatively new member and a while back started quite a stir when I asked for help in pricing gutter cleaning. Well I thought I would report I completed my first job. EASY MONEY I bid the job at $60. It took about 30 minutes.I do the lawn on this site for $45 wk. When I was finished the customer came out and said she had no idea I would rinse the gutters out and clear all the downspouts so she gave me an extra $20. for my trouble. GEEEE what trouble was that.
    Any way now I want to inquire about taking down a real easy tree and how to price. I have been doing the grass at this location all year. There is a white birch tree in the front that had the entire top taken out a year or so ago so it is only about 16 feet at the highest of 3 trunks coming out of the ground. NOW level ground, nothing in the way, no wires, probably 20 mins. work and I get to take the birch to burn in my fireplace. do not have to do stump removal and customer wants additional pricing to build a planter box around the old stump cut off to ground level with a few shrubs and room for flowers next year.
    I would appreciate hearing from you all again on this one.
  2. Charles

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    YOU obviously havent done a 2000 sq foot home with gook packed up to the edge of the gutter surface Yet and put the gook in bags. Now thats fun. Tree cut up and hauled off. I have seen tree companies charge between 175$ to 325$ per tree for this service. Depending on how many trees you have. That size tree and being your regular customer and no danger to hit anything. I would say 175$. Hourly rate on the base
  3. Guido

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    You should have an hourly rate that you use for pricing all your jobs, but anyway I think to go to the job, get the saw going and make the first cut will take more than 20 minutes, so you might want to rethink your time on that job.

    Good Luck!

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    yea that right i looked at a tree several years ago and said " oh about 30 mins" to myself ...cut it down ..cut it up....pick it up......clean up.... haul off...unload....
    depening on the weight anywhere from $20-$100 for tipping
    fee at the landfill... oh yea definitily worth at least $250. on any tree job that looks like a tree.
  5. raymow

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  6. mykee

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    ok ok ok so far I see I am off on the time estimate First I am not counting driving time second I dont have any cost or time to the land fill I am taking to my property to cut up and use in the fireplace so lets try again, bit dont figure on poop I dont have to deal with
  7. thelawnguy

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    Why not? If someone else did the job they would have to figure drive, disposal etc. Who is gonna split all that wood? Whats your time worth? You should owe it to yourself and others to get at least the prevailing rate. Otherwise the homeowner will tell everyone how cheap it was and you will be swamped with calls to fell rotted white pines for peanuts. Then look out when other LCOs get wind of the lowballer!
  8. MOW ED

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    I work with a guy that does tree work and the prevailing rate is $50.00 per man per hour. 2 man crew minimum $100.00 show up charge. 2 guys can get alot done on small trees.

    He has bucks tied up in saws, dump truck, big insurance, and a chipper not to mention gas and maintenance.

    Dont sell yourself short on this one. People are scared of tree work and it does take skill to do this without causing damamge to someone or something.
    Take the job if you want it, it can be harder than you think.

    Be careful and good luck.

    By the way (I hope I'm not violating forum rules, if I am then Eric or Chuck can delete it) my tree working friend has many board feet 6000+ of I believe pine kiln dried looking for a home e-mail me for more.
  9. geogunn

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    mykee--here you go again starting trouble!!! you know aint no bunch of lawn jockeys gonna agree on anything but quitting time on friday night! just kidding!!!

    there's more than one way to price lawn type jobs. in this particular job, the customer is a good one, you are her regular man, she's willing to have you do work and pay what its worth. here's the deal...for an hours worth of work, price in about $75 bucks profit for the tree. for the planter price that separate. just give her a flat price for the tree.

    guido--I gotta disagree with you on the hourly rate. I never give an hourly rate! WHY? because I can get more by the job...everytime. and especially because no homeowner is gonna pay $35-$75 an hour with out being mad as hell. at least in my area.

    mykee--don't forget to yell TIMBER!

  10. Guido

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    I agree with you?? :)

    I didn't mean tell the customer an hourly rate, I mean when your estimating a job, figure your expenses in than have a hourly rate for your labor that you estimate for and add into your price.

    Does that sound better? Thats the way I thought I tried to make it sound the first time, sorry if it wasn't clear!


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