Request advice on what size mower to buy.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Turftoe, Mar 1, 2000.

  1. Turftoe

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    I'm just getting into the biz. Most of the lawns that I'll be cutting for now will be between 4000-10,000 sf. Here in N.Ga there are many hilly properties as well as many trees.I was going to get a 21", but a few of you said that would be too small. What would y'all recommend for a mower that will allow me the flexibility to get around trees, in fenced areas, and be able to mulch or bag if needed. I plan to get a Dixie Chopper when my book of business and money allows, and then use the smaller mower for trimming and tight areas. I want to buy smart! Any replies would be greatly appreciated.
  2. The best machine for those small lawns would<br>be a 32&quot;.<p>I recommend buying a brand new toro fixed<br>deck twin blade model with a jumbo metal<br>bagger and mulching plate.<p>The fixed deck toros wbs are eXmark metros<br>with t-bar steering.
  3. Doug406

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    I would say a 44- 50 inch deck, fixed deck,with mulcher, probably a pistal grip design. Depending on that gate thing, maybe the 36. But remember the 50 is 1/3 larger, can trim better and cost about the same.
  4. cutntrim

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    If a lot of your lawns have gated back yards then I'd suggest a 36&quot; WB. We've got 3 and they're great for residentials the size you're talking about. As to which make to buy, Ransomes, Exmark, and Toro are all good for different reasons. We use Ransomes. Check out what other guys in your area use. Go with a local dealer.<p>----------<br>Dave in S.Ontario<br>
  5. LiVe

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    I would go with a 48 scag w/b with a velke. You can get a bagger for it and its very stable on hills. The deck is very tough too you never have to worry about tearing it up. if that is to big go to a 36 scag
  6. Turftoe

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    Why should I go with a fixed deck over a floating deck?
  7. McLawn

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    Go for the fixed decks on the 36&quot; size decks with that size it is unnecessary to have a floating deck because they do not tend to scalp but on the larger deck sizes a floating deck will help :)<p>Brian <br>
  8. john boylan

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    Floater vs. Fixed: will you be mowing all bermudagrass/zoysia/centipede, or all fescue, or all types? I really like my Exmark floater when I go to different grasses/different cut heights. However, a lot of guys here in N. Alabama just cut it all at 2&quot; or 2.5&quot;--the fixed works well for them.
  9. little green guy

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    I would buy a 48&quot; hydro. The 48&quot; deck will help you trim. The hydro will be alot easier to get around the trees and in tight spots.
  10. yardsmith

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    If you have alot of hills in your area, the last mower you want is a Dixie Chopper. They sit up way too high for hilly work; they are better suited for more level terrain. You can make them work to a degree, but you're starting with the wrong breed of horse. Same with the walker, unless you need to bag alot.<br>Of course if you bag alot, you can always bag with a trac-vac & have a 61&quot; to 72&quot; bagging mower vs. the walker 48&quot; GHS.<br>When you get big enough that you NEED a ZTR, Scag, toro & Ransomes/Bobcat are good ZTR's that have a low center of gravity. My personal favorite is the Ransomes/Bobcat.<br>Just be sure to demo a few on YOUR lawn route to see what you like/dislike. All mowers have good AND bad points. Buy what siuts your route.<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<br>

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