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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by AutumnGreen, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. AutumnGreen

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    Thanks guys. I made a few concessions (no hard hats in open fields), they made a few (agreed to wear everything otherwise)...everyone is happy today. We'll see what happens once we start!
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    Interesting. A few questions. Did you have your employees sign a release regarding this new policy?
    Does your insurance company know about your new policy?
    If an employee of your company under this new policy was to sustain a head injury while on the job that could have been prevented by wearing a hard hat, would your company, the insurance company representing your company and employees cover this claim?.
    easy-lift guy
  3. ROS_Grounds

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    Concessions regarding personal safety and life preservation?

    Like Easyliftguy mentioned, Do you understand the ramifications of such a consession? or even the legalities of such?
    The province/state, client, employee (and thier family) will ultimately hold you responsible for safety enforcement in the the event of an incident.

    People working for us are our employees (or contractors or whatever other structure you use), often which we are friendly with, but ultimately at work, friendship stops and employment (and your leadership) carries on... Workplace safety enforcement cannot be a democratic process. I totally understand welcoming and even seeking input on certain decisions and activities. This is invaluable to the empowerment of your staff.
    I accept all input from my guys, but I choose what input to act upon... My guys asked for faceshields for line-trimming acreage properties (long, thick weeds being wacked)... we bought them... My guys "forget" to wear thier earplugs or eye protection or other applicable PPE (dependent upon task at hand): work stops until they remember! (I've never made anyone use a hardhat or even a bump cap for mowing lol)

    We are not always mindful of the fact that our people knowingly or unknowingly are most certainly looking up to us; for knowledge, a maximized paycheque (no matter the end result, it is what they are looking for) and thier health and safety in the workplace... just as we are looking to them for results and productivity.

    While the absense of over-head hazards lessons the chances of contact being made with the hardhat (or lack thereof), some of the most dangerous hazards can be cause by equipment. How large of equipment you using?

    I certainly hope that this is taken in a positive manner, and that these open fields are absent of heavy machinery.

  4. Middle Tennessee Lawn

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    Osha mandates we as business owners furnish eye protection, hearing protection and gloves
    I require long pants (khaki color) for additional safety when saw are used forrestry helmets are worn and chaps
    I wear apple ear buds with gun mufflers over top much better choice for radio and music over peltors I give peltors as gifts often
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  5. AutumnGreen

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    Hard hats are not an OSHA mandate. It is also not in our safety manual that hard hats be worn other than when the customer or contract calls it out. They are required at all times to wear hearing protection, gloves, safety glasses, steel toed boots, and vests. No concessions there. No heavy equipment being used, we are mowing with walk behinds and ZTR's and weed eating. I spent a lot of years in the construction industry working closely with safety professionals, safety truly does come first for me. I would never let something go just because the guys were more comfortable with it.

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